Which side is appendicitis?

Human nature, feeling the pain, imagine that you have quite severe disease. This applies particularly to various unpleasant sensations in the abdomen. Thinking that something is wrong, many want to know which side is appendicitis, to understand whether much of the experience of pain appeared?

stomach hurts

What is appendicitis

In order to understand exactly whether the disease cause discomfort, it is not enough to only know which side of the appendicitis. If you have any such suspicions, it is better as widely as possible to consider this question.

In one of the areas of our intestines, called the caecum, there is an appendage-like worm. Inside it is empty, and its size can reach about 11 inches. If it is inflamed, it develops appendicitis.

the Appendix

The causes of pathology

Interesting fact – this disease belongs to the most widespread, but scientists still can’t identify the exact reason why there is inflammation. There are many theories, including:

  • infection listed in the Appendix along with blood;
  • wrong stool output, which is blocking the Appendix;
  • individual characteristics – if a process has too many bends, it increases the likelihood of stagnation;
  • if the neighboring artery a blood clot forms, it can also lead to inflammation;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • poor immunity due to stress and bad habits;
  • if a woman has an inflamed epididymis, the infection can move to the Appendix.

The main symptoms

Appendicitis manifests itself paroxysmal, often at night or early in the morning. The main symptom is pain, which first appears in the stomach or in the center of the abdomen. First, it is difficult to accept the signal that tells about the disease, because it is fuzzy. However, will not pass, and four hours since the symptom of pain will shift.

Which side is appendicitis?

First, the pain of developing appendicitis is felt around the abdomen, but the Appendix is located right at the bottom, but because very soon the pain syndrome is shifted there.

Discomfort focus in the right iliac region, they will not be, but only will be aggravated by walking and even lying down.

If at this stage not consult a doctor, the pain will be vomiting. It can occur only once, but it did not ease the condition. The case was complicated by intestinal disorder, which may manifest as constipation and loose stool.

The final symptom is a fever that is high temperature.

which side appendicitis

The treatment of the disease

Unfortunately, no pills or folk remedies do not help to cope with appendicitis. If the pain persists longer than six hours and does not go away even after taking antispasmodics, you need to address urgently to the surgeon. Patient put in the hospital and will remove the Appendix.

You should carefully consider all recommendations, which will tell the doctor after the surgery. Despite the simplicity and prevalence, appendicitis can cause a variety of complications, get rid of them is hard enough. It is unfortunate that, in connection with the unknown reason does not exist, and preventive measures. The most important thing is to consult a doctor if the pain does not stop.

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