Where to spend thank you from Sberbank?

Thank you – it is not only a word by which a person can thank someone. This is the name of the bonus program from Sberbank. It gives you the opportunity to save money, so it is important to know how to start to use it and where to spend the thank you from Sberbank.

where to spend thank you from Sberbank

This program is not available to everyone. First, obviously, to participate you must be a customer of the Bank, have a card. Secondly, not every received card will do. Should understand the features of this program to learn how to earn bonuses and where to spend it.

How and who can participate?

If you believe the existing rules described in the action, to join any owner of the card of the savings Bank, but in reality it is not so.

  • First, collect power-UPS will not be able those who got a Maestro card.
  • This also applies to option Maestro «Social».
  • In the case where a combination of numbers begins with 676195 or 639002551, THANK you from Sberbank will again be unavailable.
  • Cannot be used for enlistment bonuses card affiliate programs.

Otherwise, for the participation of any map, whether it’s the premium version, the classic salary or pension. Their owners can join the action at any time. There are a couple of ways. One of the most common methods – use the ATM.

  • First and foremost, you must insert the card into the terminal and enter a pin.
  • When the monitor will appear the main menu, it is necessary to find a Bonus program.
  • Clicking on it will lead to the emergence of the form that requires you to dial a mobile number and acknowledge the agreement.
  • Then entered the phone should receive a text that contains a code. You will need it if you have any problems, and will need the support request.

However, in order to become a participant of the program Thank you, not necessarily to find an ATM. There are several ways to register.

thank you terminal

Other methods of registration

His accumulation of bonuses can begin from the comfort of home. To do this is to register using the Online savings. It is available to each cardholder and is activated by the staff immediately after the issue.

  • For starters, you need to log into your account using your password and other data.
  • The appearance menu in it and select the «My bonuses».
  • After clicking on it a form will appear where you specify the email and phone number.
  • Later, you will receive an SMS with a password required for seeking help.

Finally, in order to become a member, you can send an SMS. Send it to 900, and the text must contain a word of THANKS, through the space after which you want to specify the last four digits of the card number. It is best then to enter your personal account (or use the mobile Bank), to make sure everything was okay.


The essence of the bonus program

Why do people want to connect this action and to know where to spend the thank you from Sberbank? The essence of this program and what are its advantages?

All bonuses are accumulated through payments made with the card of Sberbank, was for the program. Of each amount deducted is 0.5%, which is stored in the form of bonuses. These bonuses are called THANK you, and Thank you, each equivalent to one ruble. If you do purchase in stores program partners, the number can increase to 50%. In addition, some enterprises hold shares, allowing you to get more bonuses.

Usually, the transfer occurs after five days, but in that case, if the cost exceeds fifteen thousand, the time can be extended. As a result, the account will accumulate points, which you can use to pay up to 99% of the amount of any product.

All the same methods that you used to register in the program, can be used in order to know how many bonuses have time to accumulate during this time. When you collect a sufficient amount, stand logical question – how to spend thank you from Sberbank?


How and where to spend the thank you from Sberbank?

To use their bonuses to purchase the goods you like in real and in online stores. The point is that they should be partners of this program. Fortunately, there are already more than ten thousand, and the number of such representatives continues to grow.

In order to use the bonuses, you need to warn the cashier of such intention. You then need to determine exactly how much Thank you have to cancel, then pay for the goods using the card participating in the program. If the purchase happens in the online store, the UPS will need to choose payment methods.

Where to spend thank you from Sberbank:

  • 0.5% of purchases you can get in any store, paying with a card.
  • 10% is charged when paying for a meal at Burger King.
  • To 4.5% will be buyers of Kari and Zenden.
  • 3% credited to refuel at Kalina oil.
  • 9% receive order food through Delivery Club.
  • 7% is given for the purchase of smart gadgets from Microsoft.
  • The 2.5% is charged for pet products Petshop.ru.
  • 4% will remain the visitors of the quests from Claustrophobia.
  • «Euroset» roundabout, as partners, will carry the standard of 0.5%.
  • Online shop Yves Rocher gives 200 bonus, and Lacoste – 500.
  • A 1.5% can be obtained in MVideo, 3% — in Technosila.

In addition to the above, partners of the savings Bank and many other shops. Detailed information, full list can be seen on the official website of the program. In addition, there you can find answers to most common questions. Finally, to really get information from support, for which you need a previously issued password.


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