Where to invest money that they work?

Many people with financial resources can ask the question «Where to invest money to work?». This is logical, because every reasonable person understands that smart investments depends on future profits. Therefore, in this article we will talk about where best to invest money.

Where to invest money that they work

There are several areas of investment which will help not only to realize itself in monetary terms, but also to contribute to the development of the economy. Here is a list of the best ideas for financial investment:

  • Startup.
  • The PAMM account.
  • The stock market.
  • Options.
  • Action.
  • Metals.
  • Bank deposits.
  • PIF.
  • Art.
  • The development of the Internet.
  • Real estate.

In order to profitably invest in any of these fields, the necessary resources of several types. First, it is financial resources. Secondly, temporary, and, thirdly, of course, human. You need endurance, dedication and most importantly, lack of fear of risk and a focus on results.


The essence of a startup is to modernized technologies. This is a relatively new activity, as technologies which is a startup that did not previously exist.

startup and features

There are plenty of examples that prove that a small company that offers the world an innovative technical development, build up a huge fortune in a very short time.

In simple terms, startovye of the exchange are special sites that have the stated ideas. This course sell ideas. The purpose of the existence of such sites in the investment. The principle is simple: the investor is acquainted with all startups on the website and chooses what he will do financial investments. The more investment a startup, the faster it will begin work on bringing the idea to life and the faster the investor will profit. Sometimes one project can have multiple investors. With regard to future earnings, it depends on the investor.

This type of attachment has one significant drawback is the risk. Sometimes a startup may simply die. This can happen due to many reasons, one of which is a bad idea. But, nevertheless, as practice shows, even if ten projects fails, the eleventh already precisely will work and will certainly pay off. So if you don’t have a large amount that you could invest in several projects, it is better to choose another method of attachment.

PAMM account

PAMM is the account where to invest money investors. A person who trades in cash with a trader called the trader. It sets the initial cash account, for example, 25 thousand dollars. And when you account for the necessary amount, the trader starts trading with money, then every investor receives the amount proportionate to the initial investment.

PAMM account

In Russia such accounts involved a small number of brokers. Basically, it is a Western activity.

The more money is invested in the PAMM, the less the risk of death account. It turns out that the income that can be obtained, thus, passive. This type of investing has virtually no drawbacks, except the possibility of risk. But, as most of PAMM-accounts have large financial investments, this risk is minimal. And the principle of earnings is very simple: greater investment bring an even greater profit.

Stock market and option

The money goes into the stock market, when you bring them to the Bank. In fact, this market is nothing like the method of sale of securities, products and services.

In addition, you can just put a particular amount of money at interest, you can invest in options. The essence of an option to purchase shares of companies that you can profitably sell after a while. But there is a caveat: to make such investments successful, you need to have good financial intuition and flair. Be sure to follow financial news and exchange rates.

Stock market and option

Enormous advantage of investment in options, there is the possibility of huge incomes in a very short time. In some cases, the profits of people who invested in the option, over 70% of the initial investment. But there is a disadvantage – the risk is very high. The higher the income, the higher the risk. It must be considered.


Many call this way of investment is the oldest and even classical. They will be absolutely right. The purchase and sale of shares of companies of different financial level happened many years ago, but now they do not lose their relevance.

Basically, the purchase of shares you can earn about 20% per annum. The investor can buy multiple shares of the company, thereby increasing their chances of enrichment.

The big advantage of this investment is its long term. As for shortcomings, they are few. First, if shares are purchased in lesser-known companies is a big risk for the investor. And secondly, if you bought a small stake in, it has a relatively high cost.


This is probably the most reliable method of financial investment available. People buying gold even in ancient times, and they did it in order to be able to profitably sell it. Most people that sell gold, sell it to the banks. Banks must submit to the seller the price of each metal. Therefore, in order to sell it, you need to make monitoring of prices and find the best deal.

gold bars

It is worth noting that since 2012 the price of some metals, including gold dropped significantly. How will the situation be in the near future, experts do not undertake to say.

The main advantage of investment in metals is their great physical smell. Metals do not have an expiration date, sell them, because the demand for them is reduced. The second advantage of such investments is its accessibility. In order to trade metals do not need to have any special financial instinct or intuition. To do this can any person with a Bank account. A significant disadvantage of investment in metals is that the price depends on the economic situation.

Profit that can be obtained from trading with metals is much higher than, say, profits from investments in the stock market.

Bank Deposit

The easiest way of investment. For many, the investment of money in the Bank is the main source of income. The essence of the method is the following: you bring a certain amount of money to the Bank, thereby making a contribution to the Bank. Thus, the money stays in the Bank, and every year you get a percentage. Usually it is 7-9% per annum.

Bank Deposit

The advantage of such an investment is reliability. Who did not speak to, and the Bank is a reliable structure that you can trust your money. However, some financial experts insist that this method of attachment can not be called investment, because the percentage of profit just equal to the average of inflation in the country and, therefore, is not justified.

This is not the whole list of ideas in which to invest capital. Opportunities for investment are many, but do not forget that the most important thing in making a profit – is the personal qualities of the investor.

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