Where to go with kids in St. Petersburg

Sometimes in order to spend time with your children, you must defer work, turn the phone off, take sick leave, especially if you are an important person to my work and without you it’s hard to do. But you must never forget that family should come first, children grow up, and you’ll never forgive yourself that didn’t give them time. Then came the long awaited weekend that you can spend with the baby, and then there is the question of where to go with kids in St. Petersburg, so it was interesting to both adults and children.

Where to go with kids in St. Petersburg

Fortunately, this city has a lot of attractions and special places to visit with children. It and entertainment centers, zoos, museums, theatres. You will be able to determine where you spend your time, make it bright, unusual and beautiful.

Planetarium – a real fairy tale

Planetarium – it is really very interesting, informative and unusual. Here you can see various astronomical phenomena, to develop their thinking and imagination, to see with the naked eye what is happening in the sky that are stars, their features, how the earth moves. Only in the planetarium you can see the small and large stars, see the milky way.

planetarium in St. Petersburg

It is really a place worth to go not only for children but also for adults. It is also worth noting that in the planetarium regularly hosts various exhibitions, seminars, lectures, from which we can learn a lot of information. Children will be much more interesting to know about such geographical changes with a visual example rather than from books. No stories and pictures in the textbooks will not replace such natural phenomena of the emotions and feelings that can be experienced in a planetarium.

The cost will be available because such excursions are created exclusively to nurture children, to give them a lot of emotion, to open before them a new world.

Huge zoo

Each child will agree that most of all he likes the zoo. Here you can see different animals, for animals listed in the red book. You can also make hundreds of photographs and absolutely free. The zoo is located in the heart of the city, which is why from any part of Peter you will be able to come here and enjoy the incredible emotions, learn a lot of information about various animals such as:

  • Fox.
  • Hippos.
  • Wild boars.
  • Hares.
  • Hedgehogs.
  • Raccoons.
  • Squirrels.
  • Giraffes.

zoo for baby

Similarly here you will be able to see an exciting dance show horses, ponies, to celebrate the birthday of the baby. Any entertainment and concert situation you will have. No need to worry about the cost of the holiday, also here are quite affordable and reasonable prices for a happy holiday for children and adult children.


If your child has not been in the Dolphinarium, you haven’t seen him truly happy eyes. You can find half an hour of real happiness, look at beautiful Dolphin show, but if you want to swim in the pool with them. All dolphins are trained, they do not show aggression to people, on the contrary, very politely greeted and escorted guests.

Dolphinarium in St. Petersburg

You and your baby will be just thrilled with it, you’ll never want to leave the Dolphinarium. Spend their free time, develop the child, give him an incredibly pleasant emotions from what you see you can’t even imagine how much happiness will be in the eyes of the baby. Besides, all the attractions of Peter are almost in the same place, so you for one visit to the center will be able to take yourself and baby for the whole day bright and exciting trips to tourist attractions.

Attractions for children

If your children are already consciously can act on the rides, why not go with them on an exciting trip to Dino Park. Only here you can enjoy different rides, trains, swings. Kids will be able to find friends throughout the city because the entertainment centre is visited by all people in St. Petersburg.

Here you can still hear the beautiful singing of birds, to listen to children’s music to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of childhood, love and serenity. Sometimes even adults need a maximum rest. Dino Park very often arranges for its young guests a variety of competitions and entertainment programs, that is why there is a high probability that you’re going on a real holiday.

Dino Park in St. Petersburg

Indulge in this holiday, spend more time with your children, you will see how they will be happy. Nothing should be an obstacle for the families, in this you will see as soon as you spend free time with children. Choose any landmark, come and bring your children to rest and enjoy these moments of happiness and joy together. Believe me, positive emotions will overwhelm you.

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