Where to go with kids in Moscow

Where to go with kids in Moscow – a question which is set every second parent of a small child. Moscow has a lot of affordable entertainment options for adults, but what to do when a family has a small child. The capital opens up new opportunities, and today it is possible to note quite a lot of places that must visit every child.

where to go with kids in Moscow

There are many entertainment and educational shopping centers, hikes and excursions that are not only uplifting, but also affect the child’s emotional effect. You can mark many places that interesting to visit, not only for children but also for adults.

Puppet and drama theaters

Different representations of the living characters will be interesting to see not only adults but also children. Every modern formulation is designed for the perception of children from 6 years, but I could also mention puppet theatres, the audience which starts from 4 years. Every theater is characterized by its twist, which will be able to consider and evaluate even young critics.

puppet theatre in Moscow


At intermission or at the end of the play even further, you can visit the beautiful museums, where various puppets, marionettes, figurines.


All children love the zoo because there you can see different animals, take pictures with them and even to talk. But you will not be able to find such a large-scale zoo, which is in Moscow. Once inside, you and your children just do not want to go back there.

The zoo in Moscow

Easy and relaxed atmosphere, beautiful and unusual animals, and lots of positive emotions.

The circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

All probably heard about the Moscow circus Nikulina, because it gives young and old alike a lot of positive impressions, bright emotions, a great amount of laughter.

the circus in Moscow

In this circus were all a famous actor Nikulin, who could create a pleasant and magical atmosphere inside the establishment. Take a trip to the circus with your family tradition, you can be sure she will love your children.


There is nothing more interesting and desirable for children than a trip to the Dolphinarium. There you will find a huge number of fur seals, walruses, whales, dolphins, and sea lions. Warm and gentle atmosphere inside is sure to delight you and cause a lot of extraordinary experiences.

Dolphinarium in Moscow

Visit the Dolphinarium at VVC – he is one of the largest dolphinariums in Europe. It has a capacity of 600 spectators. Optionally, you can swim in the pool with dolphins, but for a fee and under the supervision of an instructor.

The Moscow planetarium

Planetarium is a pretty old building which is famous for its huge popularity among fans of unusual and valuable. It will be very interesting, because with the help of museums and exhibitions you can learn the history, learn many new things for themselves, to evolve and to keep pace with the times. Bring your child to the planetarium, spend time with him, check with the local traditions. It is worth noting that in 2011, the activities of the planetarium has recovered, and today he is appreciated even more popular than 20 years ago.

the planetarium in Moscow

In Moscow, a lot of decent places that you can go with your child. Do not have to choose only entertainment complexes, it is possible to give preference to historic buildings, in which the child will be no less interesting. Explore Moscow on the other hand, be sure to visit the above sights and places, they will leave in your memory only pleasant memories.

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