Where to go in St. Petersburg?

Saint Petersburg is considered the cultural capital of Russia. It is possible to come many times, and always in the city will be something that you can visit on your next visit. Even indigenous people often wonder where to go in St. Petersburg, because the city provides many opportunities, and constantly open all new and exciting exhibitions and venues.

where to go in St. Petersburg

The main attractions

There are a number of attractions without visiting which a review of Petersburg’s simply impossible. First and foremost is, of course, the Winter Palace. This is the last residence of Russian emperors, created under the government of Catherine II.

On a tour of the entire complex may take a long time. The Palace part of the Hermitage, which has three famous buildings. Inside them you can see the masterpieces of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Rubens and other famous creators.

Even the journey to the Palace can already be considered a landmark. The road runs through the Nevsky Prospekt, which takes place in the Palace square. The Piazza is a significant monument to Alexander column. This whole set of monuments worth seeing by day and at night, when the lights turn on.

the winter Palace


Although the objective Peterhof is hardly possible to read them directly Saint-Petersburg, to visit the cultural capital, at least a glimpse of not reaching its suburbs is unacceptable. There you can see the luxurious residence, a huge fountain complex called the Grand Cascade – all this combined with the stretches of Park area, walking through which can take several hours or even several days. In the Park there are museums and palaces, and accompanied by a guide you can visit the underground caves.


Vasilievsky island

When in the area of St. Petersburg was a flourishing trading port. Now it is possible to see a variety of architectural elements. For example, it is impossible not to pay attention to columns, the height of which exceeds thirty feet. When they acted as beacons. For this reason, on top of them are bowl – is poured into them oil that set on fire the state pointed the way for the ships.

Here is yet another part of the complex of the Hermitage – the Menshikov Palace, however, today’s young people prefer to pay attention to the other attractions of Vasilievsky island to the Kunstkamera. In fact, this facility is designed primarily for demonstration of historical items, but people usually visit it in order to see a collection of anatomical anomalies. This is just a small division of the Kunstkamera, but the visitors always tend to look at the different deviations, like Siamese twins and two-headed lamb.

Cabinet of curiosities

Other attractions

In addition to the major facilities around St. Petersburg is littered with many other attractions. Every day there are different exhibitions, many of which can be visited for free. Also see something original directly on the street, in the ordinary courts, if you know where to go.

  • For example, in Zhukovsky street, the house 6, one can see huge images of characters of fairy tales created by Alexander Pushkin.
  • On Foundry Avenue was once home to Brodsky, Victor Tsoi and Sergei Dovlatov. For home grid 46 is the original green of the garden.
  • On the eighth line in the house twenty-three, you can stumble upon a yard in which is located the sculpture of the dragon is quite large in size. She appeared in the eighties.
  • If you get on Zagorodny prospect and find 28, it will be possible to feel like Harry Potter from the first part of his adventures. The fact that at this address there are a lot of chess and some of the figures exceed human growth.

huge chess

Where to go in St. Petersburg?

In almost every corner of cultural capital possible to find something interesting. Even ordinary houses often differ beauty from the point of view of architecture. Deciding where to go in St. Petersburg, you need to start from their interests, because the city is able to offer fun for everyone.

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