Where to go in Sochi

Sochi is not only a very beautiful city, but also a favorite place for many tourists. Coming to this city, tourists wondering where to go in London and what to see. Here you can spend enjoyable time, learn new things, enjoy the warm sea, to see the many attractions that will long remain in memory.

what to see in Sochi

In addition to beautiful and unforgettable beaches, you can still enjoy the new ski complexes, a vibrant entertainment centres, accommodation in a cozy and comfortable accommodation, the facilities in which you will certainly appreciate. Wherever you go in this city, you must remain pleasant memories from the trip, and the incredible emotions. This city deserves to be considered the best, no doubt.

The best sights of Sochi

  • Themed «Sochi Park»

Arriving in Sochi, you just have to go to the «Sochi Park». He is a very good landmark and is considered one of the best amusement parks across the country. The Park is divided into five zones, each of which has its own fantastic and enchanted places.

theme Park Sochi

Here you will find a very beautiful and huge tower, the scale of which is considered the largest in Europe. It takes your breath from the first seconds. This Park is considered the best place for families with children, because there you can find a lot of decent entertainment that will be remembered for a long time.

  • The biggest point in Sochi

If you want to look at all the magnificent beauty of the city from the bird’s flight, you should visit the tower on the mountain Ahun. Its height is 1936 meters, to get to the mountains on a tour bus or taxi.

the biggest point in Sochi

If you want to look at the earth splits in Sochi, which previously read, then the road to Akhun mountain you can enjoy the spectacle of 30 caves.

  • Ice Palace

Just three years in Sochi was built a Large ice Palace, which is now considered one of the most popular attractions. It is designed specifically for the hockey matches at the winter Olympic games. Thanks to the beautiful appearance and facilities during the game, this ice Palace is intended to be the most recognizable symbol in the city.

Bolshoi ice Palace

Feature ice Palace is that its design allows, after the end of the Olympic games to use it for other purposes. Often hosts various concerts, festivals and events that gather thousands of people from different cities of Russia.

  • Winter theatre

Sochi residents always properly evaluate the cultural part, which is why today we can boast of the famous Winter theatre. Once inside, every tourist can enjoy the incredible design, it is made in three colors: white, gold and blue.

winter theatre in Sochi

Completion of the interior of the theater there is a huge crystal chandelier of 300 lamps.

  • The restaurant on the mountain Akhun

In addition, this mountain has a wonderful view of the entire city, it still boasts a quite interesting and beautiful building, which is a great restaurant. Will definitely dine here and enjoy the local cuisine will not happen, because the restaurant is only a monument, for many years, he is not receiving visitors. But here you can enjoy a beautiful tour to see the various stairs, columns, marble cladding and large Windows.

the restaurant on the mountain Akhun

Many wonder why such a beautiful and huge building is empty. But even the indigenous people of Sochi can’t answer this question.

  • Naval station

Sochi is a coastal city that is why we can not do without the presence of a huge naval station. He is a fine example of the monumental style with elements of electricity.

naval station in Sochi

The station is located in the heart of Sochi, therefore, not notice it is simply impossible. He is a two-storey building, which has a 70-meter tower in the center. The station is decorated with huge statues and columns.

  • Arboretum in Sochi

Arriving in Sochi, you can see a lot of attractions, but the arboretum is one of the first places where you want to go instantly. Here you will see very many floral parks, which collected more than 1500 different plants. Such beauty you will not see in any other city of Russia.

the arboretum of Sochi

Attractions in Sochi very much, there really is something to see, where to go and where to spend time. It is a friendly city with honest people who will tell you that is the real pride of the city, and where you have to go to expand your horizons and enjoy a wonderful trip to Sochi.

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