Where to go in October at sea

Summer is a time to relax and charge forces for the two cold seasons. But, alas, summer ends very quickly, there comes a sad and rainy autumn, then snowy and cold winter. Time to forget about what the heat and the sun. But aren’t we born for this? Many people want to go on vacation in the middle of autumn and winter, which is why the question arises, where to go in October on the sea, or where to spend your winter holidays away from the cold? The options are really very a lot and needed time to consider it.

where to go on the sea in October

Holiday in Thailand

It used to Thailand seemed to be something unattainable for the ordinary citizen of the Russian Federation. But it is difficult to meet a person who’d never been in such a beautiful country. It pleases for its beautiful beaches, clean and warm sea, the Maritime climate and the unbelievably beautiful sights that are definitely worth a visit.

Resorts in Thailand will not leave you indifferent, you can come here at any time of year, forgetting about the eternal rains, dirt and moisture. Having been on at least one resort in the country, you will have wonderful memories of this vacation, because here you can feel all colors of this life.

Holiday in Thailand

It should be noted that Thailand considered the budget option for travelers, which is why not to come here is not possible. You can pick out any resort to choose from, are popular:

  • Phuket.
  • Ko Samet.
  • Hua Hin.
  • Ko Chang.

Food in Thailand is cheap, which is why you will not only enjoy the nice and warm sea, but also to forget about their daily diets. As in Thailand is always very hot, then eat you will want are extremely rare, and it says that much to spend on foods are also necessary.


Whichever option you choose, the local hotel will delight you with its purity, beauty and nature of the service. Thailand is a country which definitely needs a loyal and friendly attitude to tourists, she happily meets and has incredible memories about this holiday.

Holidays in Sri Lanka

If you prefer a more expensive holiday options, and Thailand does not bring the proper emotion, you can give preference to the island of Sri Lanka. There is no need to look for vivid entertainment, because all the rest are aimed solely at sea. Warm and long beaches, crystal clear sea and comfortable hotels just waiting for you.

Holidays in Sri Lanka

To visit Sri Lanka at any time of the year, and this holiday is a great option to spend your vacation in the warmth, comfort and beauty. Tours are relatively expensive, that is why we recommend to increase your budget to feel confident on vacation, nor in denying themselves nothing.

for the

Here there is no concept of the season, because the whole year the island pleases us with warm and a pleasant climate, a very gentle sea, as well as fresh air. To come here on vacation with the whole family, there are activities and entertainment for every member of the family, this can be no doubt. Helpful, friendly, and tourists will be able to make you a decent company, not so rare on the island you can come alone or with a small company.

Holidays in the Maldives

The Maldives are in the TOP 5 of the most beautiful and desirable paradises for each person. Here everyone wants to go as a wealthy person, so people with average salary. Of course, collect the money second a lot more, because the Maldives can boast of availability in the price range, in contrast to Thailand, which was discussed in the beginning of the article.

Holidays in the Maldives

If you compare the Maldives to Cyprus or other similar tourist destinations, the holiday is aimed exclusively at the beach and the sea. Here come the tourists who want to relax, swim in the clear and transparent sea, soak up the warm and pleasant sun, soak in the clean sand. There are no important and interesting sights, which would be to say, the most important advantage, of course, is the beach and sea.

Stay is quite expensive, so before heading to the Maldives consider whether you can afford such a luxury, it is best to choose a budget holiday, the sea which will delight not less. Do not chase the name of the island, to give preference to a healthy mind.

the rest of the sea together

Despite the fact that we are all accustomed to the cold and unpleasant autumn, to have fun and relax on the sea in October. You just need to find suitable and available country variant, select the island and safely go on a week vacation. Believe me, Thailand, Sri Lanka or the Maldives definitely will surprise you and will leave only bright and pleasant memories.

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