Where to go in Moscow?

Many who first came to Moscow, does not know where to go, because so little time and look for more needs. Often there are situations that the majority of people do not have a large sum of money, but in such a huge city as Moscow, the world-famous, and for small money to attend concerts, theater performances and TV shows.


Moscow is famous for its subways and has a lot of history related to the underground, so you should go to the Museum of the Moscow metro. By visiting it you can learn a lot of different facts, see cab drivers, control panel and various technical tidbits. You can also go to one of the historical attractions — panorama the battle of Borodino, the State biological Museum named after K. A. Timiryazev, the Memorial Museum of cosmonautics, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Moscow Museum of modern art, Moscow house of photography. Special attention when choosing where to go in Moscow, you should pay attention to the visit of the state historical or mineralogical museums. But they are considered rather secondary in the first place to see one of the brightest in the land of art museums is the Tretyakov gallery.

Classical music concerts


For those who do not like noisy parties can visit the Moscow Conservatory’s Small and hot rooms. Visited the Conservatory will not only be delighted with the performance of classical music, acoustics, and the visits to concert halls, as rooms themselves is already historical value.

The observation deck


For many romantics it would be a very interesting option, because to look at Moscow from height of bird’s flight, while it can be done for free with lookout, on Leninsky Prospekt near wounds or at the Sparrow hills, on Michurinsk the prospectus.

To visit the show «Evening Urgant»

For those who want to see how are television shows or programs, to see celebrities at arm’s length, unable to attend the shooting of the TV show «Evening Urgant». An interesting variant of the time will help to know how to shoot a television show, or her entire process of creation from the inside. And this can be done absolutely free, pre-recorded on the shooting.

Moscow Attractions


Even driving through Moscow on a car to see the many sights of the city:

  • The Moscow Kremlin, which is not only historical monument, but first and foremost the center of social-political life of the country.
  • Red square — this attraction should not pass any tourist.
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral located in red square.
  • Novodevichy convent.
  • See Ostankino tower.
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