Where to go in Kazan

To go on a fantastic journey a dream of every man. Because of this, you will be able not only to relax but also to get an unforgettable experience. But the main thing is the emotions that push you to new discoveries and achievements. And in this respect, Kazan is a smart city, which will help you to see the beauty in its true light. So you must know where to go in Kazan.

Any attraction in Kazan

Of course, any city is fraught with many mysteries and beauties. To see them, you will need more than one week. But if you took a trip to this city, then you should certainly:

  • To visit the city’s Kremlin.
  • To visit the old Tatar settlement.
  • Walk the streets of Bauman and St. Petersburg.
  • To be in the squares of Freedom, Sultan-Galeeva, and Fair.
  • Take a ride on a river boat in the port.
  • Visit the ancient spiritual cents, such as Sviyazhsk and Bolgar.
  • To visit the ancient monastery, which is located near the Kazan – Raif.
  • Walk through new Kazan. This area of the Riviera.
  • To see performances in the theaters of the city and go to a fancy museums.
  • Take a walk in the city parks.

where to go in Kazan

If you have time to perform such a program, then you can safely assume that Kazan didn’t go just so. Through such sites you will be able not only to become culturally enriched, but also to relax.

The features of each attraction of the city of Kazan

First place in the city, which should be given due attention is the Kazan Kremlin. This is the main attraction of the city. This is not only a historical center but it still is a cultural heritage of UNESCO. The Kremlin consists of several blocks. So there you can see the mosque of Kul Sharif and to visit the Cathedral Church of the Annunciation. In addition, in the residence of the President are the ruins of the ancient Khan of Kazan. Also, your attention will be presented to the Suyumbike tower. He attracts that has a slope of one and a half meters.

the Kazan Kremlin

The second item in this list, too, requires close attention, because it has a connection with the historical events of Russia. The fact is that when Russian Tsar Ivan the terrible conquered Kazan, the Tatars took a special place where they could live. It is precisely the old Tatar settlement, where your attention will be presented the Mardjani mosque. In addition, to join the national Tatar culture, you can only in this place.

the old Tatar settlement

Also, the city has two great streets, which in its beauty reminiscent of Moscow’s Arbat. Of course, the size they are a little less. But their beauty can not leave anyone indifferent.

Bauman street

In addition, the city has several famous squares, which are surrounded by the most beautiful architectural constructions of Kazan. For example, traveling to Liberty square, you can visit the city’s famous Opera house, to see the nobility and he the national Parliament. And if you go on the Fairground, then you will be at the Central stadium, where is the team «Rubin». Also there is the city circus and the Pyramid.

Kazan Arena

city circus

If you are in Kazan, you just have to see the famous Volga river. And this can be done by taking a ticket for a river cruise in the port city. From there you can go in the ancient centres of Kazan – Sviyazhsk and Bolgar.



In addition, you need to leave time to visit the important Orthodox Shrine, located a short distance from the town itself. It is an ancient monastery, which keeps the image of the blessed virgin «Georgian». According to tradition, the icon of the mother of God is the patroness of those people who are asking for help in various areas of art.

the ancient monastery

Like any city, Kazan over time growing and expanding its territory. So you need to visit a new area of the city – the Riviera. Here you will be able to visit a large water Park, Dolphinarium and rides in a city Park on the rides.


But also can not attract the theatres and museums of the city. In such offices, the queue persists throughout the year. And since you simply need to visit, then you’ll need to purchase tickets in advance in order not to lose time in vain.

And, if you have the time then to wander the city parks. Not so much, but still there are places, which annually attracts huge number of tourists. This includes the Park «birch grove», «Uritsky» and the famous Central Park, the former Park «Switzerland».

city parks of Kazan

Perhaps you will not have as much time to visit all the above attractions. But most importantly, to visit the most beautiful places of the city. So start your journey with the first paragraph, then you will have time to visit the most expensive pearls of the city.

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