Where is Tunisia

Tunisia – a Paradise for perfect holiday, which is located in North Africa and is characterized by its beautiful seaside resorts. It’s a small country that got fans of the millions of people who love the sea. Tunisia has many attractions that are simply not possible not to note. If you still don’t know where is Tunisia, you should study the map of North Africa and to find its designation.

Tunisia on world map

The Climate Of Tunisia

The climate of Tunisia is a relative term, it depends in which place is a resort. The Northern part is characterized by a temperate climate, it has a mild and warm winter rains, and dry summers. The South is characterized by dry and hot air. The Northern part of the Mediterranean coast is the capital city of Tunis. The average winter temperature is 6 degrees, and in summer 33.

Of the population are Arabs, they are more. Tunisia can be considered the crossroad between West and East. Every year he tries, as much as possible to develop, to please their tourists an excellent infrastructure and great «live» beaches. This city is today known for the huge white buildings, beaches, cobbled streets and a lovely Marina.

The sea in Tunisia

As if there was not, but most of the tourists come to Tunisia for attractions, and to enjoy the beautiful and wonderful sea. Only here the beaches are white sand, the hotels of the international class, the ruins of the legendary Carthage, and many other beautiful features.

Sea of Tunisia are located in the Northern part of the Black continent. The coastal area of the city will delight you with an incredibly beautiful palm and olive trees, vineyards, laurels. There are a lot of useful plants that are not found in our country.

holidays in Tunisia

Tunisia is located in a very convenient part of the country, that is why tourists come to visit this beautiful and lovely city, which is sure to meet all of its clean Sands with clear blue water. Rest here means to gain strength, good mood and crazy energy. The atmosphere makes everyone forget about the problems and indulge in an unforgettable vacation, after which remain wonderful memories.

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