Where is the liver in humans, which side?

Our body consists of dozens of organs and systems, about which not all know. Of course, the liver is the organ, on which children hear from the very childhood, but sometimes not all of them can confidently say, where is the liver in humans, where it is located, at what level it can show itself. Let us deal with important issues.

Where is the liver in humans

The liver is the largest organ in humans, its average weight is 1400-1500, It is the fiftieth of the body mass. Not all people can confidently say, from the right or the left side is the liver in humans, therefore great attention to this issue.

Location of the liver

The liver is located in the right upper abdomen, it is attached to the ribs. The upper part of the liver is at the level of the nipples. But also in medicine there are cases where the liver is located in the left side, a process called transposition, that is, the mirror bodies.

We all studied human anatomy in school or in College, but that was long ago, so back to the topic and remember all the details still needed. Anatomically the liver is divided into two parts, respectively, left and right. The left lobe of the liver is 6 times smaller than the right. These shares also are separated by a fold of peritoneum called the falciform ligament. Behind a furrow, which forms the venous ligament, and the bottom of the furrow with round ligament.

Blood enters the liver from two sources:

  1. Venous blood from the spleen, intestines.
  2. The arterial blood via the hepatic artery.

Human liver

The upper edge of the liver is at the level of the right VI intercostal space, the left side is a little elevated relative to the right side, she gets to V intercostal interval. The shape of the liver resembles a triangle, which is stretched inside the chest. In its place the liver keep the ligament they attach it to stomach, diaphragm, right kidney and duodenum.

Still taught in school, what side is the liver in humans, and what segments it consists of. But if you forget, then our article will surely remind you that the liver is in 99.9% is at the top on the right side, and only 0.1% of the population across the globe is the location of the liver on the left side. We must not forget where the man’s liver, because such basic things need to know even a first grader.

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