Where is Ibiza in what country?

Russian tourists prefer to spend their holidays on foreign beaches. Very often they visit Turkey and Egypt. Among the most popular places among the inhabitants of Russia can be attributed to Ibiza. Interest in it is understandable. This resort area offers tourists many unique opportunities that they will certainly want to take advantage of.

where is Ibiza

What is Ibiza? This is the first question that people ask themselves who is not familiar with such a colorful place. The so-called Sunny island, lost on the world map. It is near the African coast and belongs to the archipelago that is in the possession of Spain. The island is home to approximately 130 thousand people. To get to Ibiza is possible only in two ways:

  • Arriving by plane.
  • Sailed on the ferry.

Where is Ibiza, in any country, can understand, finding it on the map. Its location was said just above. Now a few words should be said about the climate of the Spanish island. It is in these parts quite soft and comfortable. In winter the temperature here does not drop below fifteen degrees Celsius. This is one reason why the Russians prefer the cold season to wait in the warm Ibiza, forgetting about the snow blizzards and nasty cold weather. Hot days usually occur in the period between June and September. At this time in the Paradise there is a real heat, which marks the start of the bathing season. The temperature rarely rises above thirty degrees. Thanks to this feature and the island’s residents and tourists feel it is quite comfortable.

the island of Ibiza

The emergence of the island and its history

The area of Ibiza town is not so big. It reaches only about 500 square kilometers. People began to settle its territory in ancient times. First on Paradise found out the Carthaginians. It happened about seven centuries ago before our era. They turned this place into a real shopping centre where gathered many of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean. It is therefore not surprising that the island quickly became interested in the various conquerors, who used to conquer the unknown land. To subdue Ibiza was easy enough, because it is especially anybody and did not belong.

In the year 123 BC, the island became part of the Roman Empire. After some time, it actively began to settle Arabs. But they were never able to defend their rights to this place. They had to give him a surprise the Catalans. In these parts still stands the ancient Cathedral, which was built by the representatives of the people of the conquerors. They gave new names to existing settlements that had formed by that time. But the Arabs still haven’t been forgotten. In Ibiza, and now living their culture, which continue to imitate the locals.

holiday in Ibiza

To date, all rights to possession of the island belongs to the Spanish state. Local residents are among the peoples of this country. Therefore, the official language of Ibiza, like many other of the Balearic Islands is Catalan.

An ideal place for tourism

Ibiza is difficult to compare with other popular tourist Islands. Because everything here is unique. Stay in these parts leaves a special impression with tourists. That is why they return again and again. Especially the unusual scenery here. The combination of clean beaches, clear water and bright sun, just perfect. Look happy and the greenery that covers much of the island.

The island has two main Central city. This Ibiza town called San Antonio. It is worth visiting for every tourist. The residents of these cities have managed to preserve the spirit of history, while updating it with modern details. Local narrow streets you can see fashionable shops with beautiful clothes. In San Antonio there is a lovely promenade. Here are yachts, influential people, businessmen, movie stars and sports. And if lucky, tourists can face with real celebrities, who also came here for a quality holiday away from the big cities.

place for tourists

Ibiza offers a huge number of exciting experience from which hard to refuse. Particularly popular disco. Club parties are held almost every night. Fans of more relaxing holiday can take a walk on the seafront or to visit the curious a tour of the most interesting places of the city. Because it is impossible to visit in an unfamiliar place and not to get acquainted with its sights. Without such cultural leisure leisure is difficult to call a full.

Here prefer to visit young people. Often, tickets to Ibiza are becoming couples with children. For families and for young people are offered the most appropriate types of recreation that will be interesting and incredibly exciting. After this, tourists will want the next vacation to spend in this Paradise.

Than treat in Ibiza

The island is crowded with all sorts of cafes, bars and restaurants. Each place offers visitors to experience the specific kitchen. It is particularly interesting to look at such places to be real foodies who like to try something new. Local chefs are not limited only to the Mediterranean. If desired, travelers will be able to find a café serving dishes from their home country.

cuisine in Ibiza

Popular in Ibiza so-called English Breakfast. These include toast, bacon and eggs and strong coffee. To eat this set can be in almost any public place.

The main attractions of the island

It is recommended a few days of his holiday to devote to a walk through the memorial places of Ibiza are its main attractions. For tourists there are special guided sightseeing. You can also go on this journey alone, if not fear, it is a mistake to get lost in unfamiliar terrain.

Every tourist should visit in the most ancient part of the island, called Dalt Vila. It is a unique Museum of modern art. Here is the Cathedral.

cave can Marsa

One of the most beautiful caves of the island there is a Caen-Mars. Inside it is a Museum. To see all the exhibits, the traveler need not less than half an hour. Can’t hurt to look at the local vineyards to try the most delicious wine in the world. Even tourists often visit the hippie market. In this place you can buy unusual things which will be a perfect souvenir.

Ibiza is often called the place where the most vivid parties that never end. It enables every guest to experience true freedom, forget about the hated rules just to live in his pleasure at least a couple of days. This island moves as if in a fairy tale, you will never want to leave. To visit this wonderful place is a must have for every traveler. Ibiza will turn conventional ideas about recreation and entertainment. Here dreams really do come true in which many of us imagine your perfect life.

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