Where does the word word?

Time every think about where did the word. For example, why a kangaroo is a kangaroo, is why countries have such a variety of names, and where did the names of the people? But you can go even further. For example, where does the word word?

where does the word word

There is a science that is trying to learn about the reasons for the occurrence of various words and terms. It’s called etymology. Etymologists too deep into history, studying different facts in order to understand what led to the formation of different combinations of letters.

Where did the word «word»?

Of course, properly determine the origin of the word, unlikely. It is believed that the roots of this question go back in the time when writing did not exist at all, and because there are no clear data. However, it is possible to consider some key version advanced by the etymologists.

  • Scholars have noted the connection of the words «glory» and «word». Their roots simply alternating vowel, but from a historical point of view, despite the current value, there are some similarities. For example, in Lithuanian language there is a term that reads like a slove that designates a hearing. In Latvian you can find «slave». Changed one letter, and the value remained the same. There is something similar in Czech and Polish language.
  • If you delve in to the etymology of the word «glory», we can see that it has Indo-European roots meaning «to hear». For this reason, «glory» got the meaning, which is now known in the Russian language. Some believe that this word formed the concept of «Slavs». Have happened the fact that «Slavs speak the words.»

However, most scientists do not consider this version. They pay attention to some other aspect.

  • In Church Slavonic alphabet is the letter, which could be say as «the word.»
  • First, this notion is meant a certain story or description. All I remember from school days, «the Word about Igor’s regiment». His life was described with «words». From this concept and the «word».

the word

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