When you remove the garlic?

In their gardens people grow a lot of plants. A large part of the space usually allotted to potatoes, but the garden rises and onions, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes, sometimes fruit, melons. There is nothing better than your own garlic grown in the garden. It is not only useful properties, but also excellent flavor, but for a good crop, you need to know when to remove garlic.

when to remove garlic

Features of garlic

This plant belongs to the onion family, and each bulb can be from three to twenty cloves. During its development, it grows up to sixty centimeters in height.

Garlic found more than 5000 years ago. Since in ancient Greece it was used as a drug, but over time, especially due to the opinion of Pythagoras, he was considered the king of spices.

There is no doubt many useful properties, hidden in this plant. It is composed of variety of elements, including fiber, vitamin C, sodium, iron, potassium, zinc, iodine, magnesium and essential oils and phytoncides.

Garlic is actively used in various viral infections, colds, vitamin deficiency and poor immunity. With it even affect the heart and liver, affect the health of the joints. It is most known for its antiseptic action.

Garlic is useful for men, as it increases the important sex hormone testosterone and reduces cortisol.

With all its medical properties, this plant is an excellent addition to a wide range of foods. It improves its taste and gives a pleasant aroma.

the chasnikom

When you remove the garlic?

There are quite a number of species of plants, and the collection of accounts for different time periods. For example, winter garlic, planted before winter, clean in mid-July. The right moment can be identified by the yellowing of the fruit tip, and drying of lower leaves.

It does not matter if garlic will leave the earth a bit immature – he can become completely ripe after lying a bit, but if you delay harvesting, the fruit may break up into segments.

When to remove summer garlic? Annual called spring garlic, which is planted in April. A good time to harvest also can be identified by yellowing leaves. They will lie on the ground once all of the bulbs, this will dry up the lower leaves. Often any collection day occurs at the end of August, although may be delayed until mid-September. If spring garlic planted in the Northern part of the country, the date can be moved to the end of September.

To determine the readiness of garlic you can get some bulbs out of the ground. If the skin will peel off, then the fruit is fully ripe. A sign of maturity and will dry hands, from which pours the seed.

garlic in the garden

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