When celebrating Halloween

On the eve of all saints Day, all who are directly involved in its celebration, should know when to celebrate Halloween, because this event requires advance preparation.

what is the Halloween

This holiday is celebrated in many countries around the world, mainly in English. It is fairly well-known and significant on the scale of the celebration day, which, however, is not a holiday in one of the countries of the world.

In our land all saints Day came not so long ago, so it can safely be called «modern» holiday. It would seem that in Russia and post-Soviet countries celebrate Halloween? In fact, we do not have close cultural ties with Europe or America, we are far from mysticism and generally know little about this holiday. There is only one reason why Halloween has crossed the ocean and reached us is globalization. Today, globalization has covered almost all spheres of human activity, the cultural environment is no exception. As you know, the holidays are one of the most important elements of culture of a particular country.

When celebrating Halloween

Celebrate Halloween in the night of the last day of October on the first day of November. Many who consider this holiday a wonderful, others are of the opinion that Halloween day is the day evil spirits and rejoice in this celebration is to pay homage to the demons. What begins the history of this mystical event?

In addition to CIS, the feast is celebrated in countries such as:

  • Japan.
  • New Zealand.
  • North and South Korea.
  • Australia.
  • Singapore and other countries.

A bit of history

Some people erroneously believe that the birthplace of Halloween is America. In fact, the beginning of the celebration of all saints Day laid in the UK and Ireland. We can say that the tradition of this celebration of the British and the Irish took over from the ancient Celts.

The History Of Halloween

What is surprising is that in historical science, there are experts who have dedicated their lives to the study of Halloween. One of these historians was Nicholas Rogers. He believed that this feast originated from the ancient Romans and is a revamped version of Roman holiday Parentalia. But other historians later disproved this version, although he agreed that Parentally and Halloween have a lot in common.

Most likely, all saints Day is a more recent version of the Celtic festival of Samhain. During the celebration of Samhain, people honored the memory of the dead and this became the basis for occurrence of these associations connected with the supernatural.

Coming Halloween night, October 31. On this night, people remember all the legends about the mystical and supernatural characters.

What a holiday – all saints ‘ Day?

According to the ancient belief of the Celts, on the night of this festival will open two doors. One door – the living world and the other world of the dead. So the dead souls can walk the grounds throughout the night.

The Celts believed that the dead souls who came from another world, can harm people, because they took some measures that were supposed to protect them the night of Samhain. The important thing is that they had to do is pay off the house light, as came from other worlds to visit the house where the light was not extinguished. And they used to wear animal skins to look courageously, thereby scaring away intruders.

features of Halloween

In order to «appease» came souls, the Celts were left on the doorstep of their houses treats for them. Most often, it was something sweet.

Night Celts spent around the campfire, the sacrifice of animals. Each family is pre-prepared pumpkin to after coming home, light a fire in it, taken from the ritual fire.

So celebrating this holiday the ancient Celts, but after their land the Romans came, they were forced to abandon the all saints ‘ Day, because it was a pagan holiday that was impossible to mark on the Christian world. But the Romans could not prevent the Celts, to tell future generations about the holiday of Samhain. Information about him was passed down from generation to generation, reaching up to our days.

Features of the celebration of Halloween in different countries

  • America. In this country, perhaps, Halloween is celebrated most majestically and solemnly. On this day, even changing the capital of the USA, on the night of the festival there are two – new York and Los Angeles. In these cities made a real ceremony dedicated to the celebration of Halloween. The main symbol of the holiday to Americans is a pumpkin flashlight. Children dress up in costumes of different monsters and ghosts and go to the homes of neighbors to get to those sweets. Of avoiding sweets is not seen. The phrase «trick or treat» has long been popular in film, and in fact was never used by the Americans. On the organization of Halloween in America every year are allocated fairly large amounts of money from the state budget.
  • France. The most lavish celebrations on the night of the Halloween suit in the nation’s capital, in Paris and its suburbs. More than thirty thousand people visit the holiday Disneyland. In France annually parades the so-called «evil forces», where you can see goblins, ghosts, trolls, and other monsters.
  • China. Unlike the Americans and the French, the Chinese are not satisfied with carnival of monsters. For them, Halloween is a holiday in which they honored deceased relatives. In front of photographs of deceased relatives on this day is food and water, as a sign of honor, memory and respect. Chinese monks in this festival are made of paper so-called «boats of destiny», that must burn in the night, because they believe that the smoke from these boats will help parents to find the way to heaven.

Halloween secrets

Celebrate Halloween in Russia?

After viewing numerous American movies and cartoons, which often show Halloween, many children asked parents the question: «when in Russia celebrate Halloween?». Parents can please their children, because for several years this wonderful holiday is celebrated in our country. The day of the celebration is the same as in the whole world, that is October 31.

In Russia this holiday is celebrated not as bright as in other countries, but it is only because these places while he’s too young. However, in many cities the schools was a competition for the scariest costume. The Russians believe that the best weapon to fight the evil force is laughable.

Maybe in a few years, the celebration of Halloween will occur as solemnly as in America.

The Symbols Of Halloween

Absolutely any holiday, especially one as comprehensive as Halloween, has its own symbolism:

  • Jack. Often it is a pumpkin on which is carved a grinning face. Inside the lamp (or pumpkin) have to burn the fire. It symbolizes the ancient ritual of the Celts. Festive pumpkin put near each house, as it supposedly wards off evil spirits.
  • Festive costumes. Dress the monsters of the most beloved children’s tradition, because it is incredibly fun and exciting for kids: the «scary – cool». Besides, in this costume, much easier to trick-or-treating in adults.
  • Music.
  • Game.

the celebration of Halloween

This is just the main symbols of Halloween, but when you delve, the list goes on.

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