When we celebrate teacher’s day in Russia?

Teacher’s day is a professional holiday which is celebrated all educators. Since 1965, this day is celebrated on the first Sunday of October, it is therefore not possible to define a well-formed date to celebrate teacher’s day. This year the celebration fell on 2 October.

The history of the holiday

The teacher’s job has always been a special place because it is from our teachers for the further education, development and life in General. Education opens up doors to a new world, we try to develop fully, to keep up with the times, to go the way that we are worthy to pass.

teacher's day Russia

In the Soviet Union teachers were valued much more than in today’s world because they not only give children knowledge on various fields but also engaged in their education within educational institutions. Teachers played a big role in the lives of children, they were looking forward to this celebration to congratulate their favorite teachers and to show them its attention.

Across the country Russia teacher’s day began to celebrate in 1965. On September 29 signed a decree, this festival falls on the first Sunday of October. Soon after the Soviet Union collapsed, but the holiday remained to be appreciated, to be not only teachers but also students themselves.

Teacher’s day in Russia

A teacher is a person who plays an important role in the life of every child. Parents instill in children the habit to respect my elders, to appreciate the attention, especially if we are talking about educators and teachers.

This day to give teachers flowers, gifts, to speak kind words. The government also organizes various celebrations, important meetings, awards awards teachers of the year. Children, in turn, try to present for your favorite teachers not only gifts, but also to create a true celebration with greetings, poems and hilarious sketches.

if the day of vchitelya

On this day in some schools declare official holiday, and in others cut the school day in half.

Teacher – our all

Recently it has been observed a large-scale reduction of teachers from office is caused by the following factors:

  • The reduction in the budget.
  • The lack of conditions for normal operation.
  • Exhaustion of teachers.
  • The yield on the pension.

Unfortunately, the government do not intend in the near future to encourage teachers awards for quality and productive work, the only thing it can do is verbal the gratitude diplomas for the work. Perhaps that is why today there are such massive wastes from office of teachers. We lose the best teachers and Tutors for their children through the fault of modern government.

Holy day of vchitelya

Today teacher’s day is celebrated not only Russian cities, this tradition originated in such countries as Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Albania, Belarus and others. Every year various concerts are held in order to Express gratitude to the teachers, to show them attention and care.

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