When to remove winter garlic?

Garlic is a useful vegetable that gives the dish a spicy taste. Besides it is indispensable in the fight against viruses and colds. Garlic is planted before winter. But all efforts will be in vain if in time not to dig. Therefore, each grower should know when to remove winter garlic.

The chasnikom

Evaluate the climatic conditions

Gardeners know that over-ripe garlic are perishable, and immature does not have time to become crispy. It is important to find a middle ground.

If you live in an average strip of Russia, plan on cleaning of winter garlic in mid-July. Our ancestors were dated the date of harvest to day of Peter and Paul, which falls on 12 July. If you are a resident of the Northern regions of our country, then wait another 10-14 days.

An important role plays the weather. A rainy summer will have a positive impact on the rate of maturation of garlic. And hot weather can delay the time of ripening of this vegetable for a few weeks.

The bed of chasnikom

Study the appearance of the plant

The appearance of the plant will tell you it’s time for cleaning:

  1. Dig one bulb. Try to split the cloves. They separated quickly and effortlessly? This means that the vegetable is ready for digging
  2. The peel should easily peel away from the pulp. This is a sure sign of full maturity
  3. Please note on the lower leaves of the plant. If they turned yellow and dried up, dare going for the cleaning
  4. Not remove the whole garlic arrows, leave two or three pieces. When bulbs are ripe, arrows, straighten, and the buds will crack the wrapper

>Study the appearance of the plant

Remove the garlic from the garden

If a vegetable is ready for harvest, you should begin digging up bulbs. It should be done correctly, otherwise the vegetables will not be stored.

  1. First cut the arrows so they do not interfere with the process of uprooting
  2. Take a garden fork and podkopat onion. Only then can you pull a vegetable. When the bulb will be in your hands, shake the earth and move on to the next fruit.
  3. Using gardening tools, try not to touch a vegetable that is in the ground. Garlic slices will quickly begin to rot, because the resulting scratches penetrate the microorganisms and viruses. If you have damaged multiple instances, don’t worry. This garlic can be used for cooking your favorite dishes in the coming days
  4. Dug the bulbs, it is better to put on paper, for this purpose perfect old Newspapers. Do not leave crop in the garden till the morning, night dew wet bulbs. If you remove the garlic do not want, you can cover it overnight with plastic wrap. But the best solution would be to move the garlic in the barn or in the house
  5. You should not harvest in wet weather, the wet bulb will rapidly deteriorate

Remove the garlic

How to store winter garlic?

If you have harvested at the right time, it’s time to take care of his safety. All gardeners want to preserve the harvest before the arrival of spring, so agronomists have developed a system of storing garlic:

  1. When the fruit dries, do some pruning of dry leaves. The stalks are also removed, thus necessarily remains a small tail with a length of 3-4 cm, But if you plan to hang the garlic in a braid, do not trim off the stems
  2. Sorting is an important stage of the preparatory work. Set aside the material for later crops and discard diseased bulbs
  3. Garlic perfectly kept at a temperature of from +2 to +4 degrees Celsius. At room temperature, this vegetable retains its properties
  4. When choosing the method of storage of garlic pay attention to the humidity of the room, her high level is detrimental to the fruit. The ideal level ranges from 60 to 80%. If the air is too dry, it can also harm the heads of garlic, they lose their juiciness
  5. Good air circulation has a positive effect on the safety of crops

Save the garlic

Choose the right time to harvest garlic and take care of it properly stored.

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