When to remove the bow?

No one, even the supposedly environmentally friendly product from a store, does not compare either in taste or quality to those grown in their own garden. The same applies to the onion. However, to harvest – it is not simple. You need to choose the right seeds to plant in a suitable land, watered enough and know when to take a bow. Too early and too late collection will lead to the fact that the work will come to nothing.

when to remove the bow


Of course, all dates and time intervals are approximate because the correct time to harvest onions varies according to varieties, time of planting and climatic conditions. A little help in the calculations can the instructions on the package of seeds but onions are often planted heads, which are sold without any labels.

On average, around mid-July, there is no need to continue watering. Bow no longer needs water, and it may perhaps harm him and his time of storage. It is believed that the beds can be covered with foil so that the vegetables did not receive moisture from the rain. Around the same time is a bit to remove the earth from the bulbs. So they can get more heat and light.

When to remove the bow?

Unfortunately, because of the peculiarities and varieties of climate, to specify the exact date of the impossible. But to calculate the approximate day, adding to the planting day for 70-80 days. The company is still quite large, however, there are external signs by which to determine when to remove the bow, it becomes a lot easier.

During the inspection of the beds is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

  • the stems of the vegetables to turn yellow;
  • they must be sufficiently dry;
  • you can dig up the fruit and inspect it the neck – if it is dry and fairly mild, it is a sign of maturation;
  • the roots should also not be hard.

In order to help the vegetables to Mature a little faster, a few days before digging can cut them tops. Some also used the method of lifting to the surface.

Mature onions

Rules of excavation

The collection of this harvest occurs around the end of July. You should choose a day when you will face a hot and dry weather. It is believed that the fruits collected in the wet (e.g. when it rains), are very poorly preserved and will soon rot.

The main rule that must be followed in the collection – the bow you can’t pull out of the ground for his tops. In order to harvest, you need to carefully opposed to undermine it with a pitchfork, and then get hands. No need to shake the earth by blows of the fruit on the surface. This can cause damage that will affect not only the appearance, but the shelf life.

Before the onions go into the basement or other similar place, it needs to be dried. Before the people cut off the tops. They waited till the vegetables are well dried, and why he used it to create a kind of spit – so bow it is stored.

Today the top take in a couple of hours after the fruit leaves the earth, it is necessary to leave about ten centimetres. Cut the roots from which leave 1-2 cm.

collecting onions


If the time frame does not allow you to wait for favorable weather, to collect you in the rain. After that you need to wash the onions, remove the tops and roots. Then it needs to dry for three weeks. It needs to be exactly arranged in one row, in a place that is well ventilated.

If the weather favored the harvest, it is sometimes possible to dry directly in the garden. Period will be around twelve days. In this case, the vegetables is also better to lay in a single layer, but they need from time to time to turn. It will also identify corrupted, rotten fruit that will be easy to remove.


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