When to do a pregnancy test for accurate result?

With regular sexual intercourse every woman at risk of pregnancy, even if both partners are protected. To accurately determine the girl is pregnant or not, can only be a specialist obstetrician. But what to do if suspicions about the possibility of conception is there, and it took quite a bit of time? You need to use a pregnancy test. Therefore, in this article we will answer the question when you can do a pregnancy test. Describe how the test shows pregnancy and how best to do it.

Pregnancy test

This tool is very affordable and you can buy it brand at any pharmacy. Even at the checkout counters of supermarkets sell such tests. Women can ask: «How to use the test?». To do this simply is to know when and how to do it right.

Test principle

Let’s try to understand how and when a pregnancy test will show accurate results. But first you need to understand how it works. This tool is a small oblong strip with the surface coated with the reagent. Perhaps, every woman knows that the test shows the result when it get wet with urine. So. When the urine gets to the surface means, the reagent changes color. This is because urine contains a large amount of pregnancy hormones, which appear at the woman almost immediately after conception.

Many people mistakenly think that test will show an accurate result after a delay. In fact, just the opposite. Human chorionic gonadotropin, is the pregnancy hormone appears in the body of the girl immediately after the egg was fertilized. Therefore, it is possible to use the test to delay, preferably after ovulation. Then on which day will the test show a pregnancy that she will become a mother? Definitely hard to say, because the level of sex hormones in the urine of all women are different. Anyway, in the first week after conception, the probability that the test will show a pregnancy is very low. On the tenth day after fertilization, the level of human chorionic gonadotropin high enough so that the reagent test showed pregnancy. Consequently, for accurate results, you need to do a pregnancy test in the second week after conception, rather than before the tenth day.

How does a pregnancy test

Progress does not stand still and today the pharmacies offer ladies tests that show a more accurate result. They are called jet. Their main feature is that to determine pregnancy they may already in the first week.

The best time for the procedure

Most women who want to become mothers, resort to the use of the test in the first days of a delay monthly. According to studies, this is the most suitable period for its use. But, nevertheless, as we noted above, to do the test it is possible to delay, especially if the sexual intercourse was immediately after the end of the menstrual cycle. To do recommend, even gynecologists, because many women, the cycle is unstable, this is due to their individual physiological variations. Moreover, the cycle may be elementary to «get» because of a cold, severe fatigue, stress or taking certain medications.

Carry out the procedure doctors recommended in the morning, preferably after a few hours after the girl woke up. If after conception it took more than a month, the level of pregnancy hormones in the urine is large enough to show what the girl will become a mother soon. In this case, for the procedure time of day does not matter.

Now we consider in detail all aspects related to the testing of pregnancy.

A few rules for testing

A positive test result

  • Is not necessary to conduct the test immediately after waking up. It is fraught with erroneous result. Early in the morning in a woman’s urine hormones of pregnancy is much less than a few hours after waking up.
  • If the test is not done in the morning and evening, during the day try not to drink too much fluid. This can lead to inaccurate test result.
  • Make it a choice test. All pregnancy tests are divided into two groups: test strips (one strip – not pregnant, two pregnant) and tests and answers (with the mark «there is a pregnancy or not. It’s just a matter of your personal taste. Work with what you like.
  • Rate the quality of the test. Before you buy a vehicle, verify its suitability for use. If during inspection you find that the package is damaged, discard and buy another, packaged well. If you do not, or to treat the purchase lightly the test, his condition may show an incorrect result.

And now proceed directly to the testing procedure.

Do the test correctly

  • To begin open the box. Remove the strip with the reagent and open the testers.
  • Do not throw the packaging of the test! On it you can put a strip after use and wait for the result.
  • If the tester has a cap, open it but do not discard. You will be able to close the tester when you take it. This will help to warn him from getting to it dirt.
  • Bring the tester to the vagina and urinate on him. Keep the tip of tester under a stream of urine for at least 5 seconds. If you keep it less, the result may be wrong.
  • If you don’t want to pee on a tester, make easier: dip the tip into a glass with his urine. With this method to keep the tester in the glass should be at least 20 seconds. At some tests in the user specified maximum level to which the strip can be lowered into the glass. Try not to exceed this level.
  • Now place the used strip on the pack test or any other surface so that it does not hit the dirt. Wait the specified time on the box. Of course, after a couple of minutes test already shows the result. Although there are such tools that instantly give a woman interested in her answer.

Robina the test correctly

The most difficult in the procedure of pregnancy test is to wait for the results. Sometimes girls get so nervous, especially when unwanted pregnancies that they find it difficult to control their emotions, and there are those who literally panics. The main thing here is to remain calm and not to escalate the situation. Take a deep breath and try to convince yourself that whatever the outcome of the test, you’ll be fine.

Always whether the test result correct?

The simple answer is no, not always. There are lots of nuances because of which it is possible to obtain false results during testing. In the vast majority of cases, the test shows wrong result when the girl is pregnant. The question arises: why?

The reasons may be several:

  • Fault strips with reagent. Although the probability is very low.
  • The test was damaged.
  • The test was done very early.
  • Strip dirty on the surface where you put it after use, etc.

features of pregnancy test

And finally, I will give you another tip: pregnancy testing is best done at home, as comfortable as possible for you.


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