When the time translate to winter time

With winter approaching, many Russians are interested in when the time is transferred to the winter time, because if you remember, it is possible to be late for work, miss your favorite movie, and generally fall out of reality for a while. So, closer to winter, in the media, people begin to look at the translation time.

Whether in Russia to translate hours in the coming year?

In 2014, the government of the Russian Federation adopted a decree, according to which Russia moves to winter time. That is, to translate hours on an hour forward or backward is not necessary.

if perevodyat godinniki

This decision was made immediately, but after some experiments. In 2011, the Russians have switched to summer time. It is worth noting that at that time Russia was the only country in the world with permanent summer time. However, just rabies after switching to this mode, people are faced with a big problem, namely – darkness in the morning. To get to work that morning, they had to Wake up in the dark to get to work like on the street the night. The government solved this problem by the transition to winter time. This mode gave people a lot more. But not without discontent. For some areas, the time will be transferred to one hour ahead, namely such as:

  • Magadan.
  • Ulyanovsk.
  • Tomsk.
  • Novosibirsk.
  • Astrakhan.
  • Sakhalin.

Therefore, those who are interested in the question of Russia’s transition to winter time, you can be sure that no changes in 2016 will not be.

History of DST in Russia

The first experiments with the new temporary regimes in Russia began with 2017. Then dub Western Europe, which lived exclusively in summer time. People found it very difficult to adapt to the new time mode, and time back. Further, over time there was a complete mess: watch translated either forward or backward. Mass discontent grew more and more. It was especially difficult to people who work in agriculture.

Why translate watch

2011 watch were transferred twice a year: spring – summer and autumn – winter.

Only in 2014 in Russia came the long-awaited stability, because the government said that the country will no longer follow the global rules of transition to the new time.

Evaluation of the transfer time of medical professionals

According to the data collected in the course of numerous sociological researches, the Russians have a very negative attitude to transition into other time-scales, therefore, the government’s initiative on the cancellation of transfer of hours support. But what about this doctors say?

According to medical experts, the sudden change in time regimes may lead to impact on health and functioning of the body. This can lead to such consequences:

  • Person gets tired quickly.
  • The risk of insomnia, poor sleep.
  • Attention and memory become much lower.
  • Deterioration of cognitive functions.
  • Pain in my heart.

A bit of history

The first time was held in Britain in 1908. This is done in order to save a considerable part of the energy resources. The initiator of this idea was Benjamin Franklin. Ten years later this initiative was supported in the United States.

information about the transfer clock

Today, the clock is transferred in more than eighty countries around the world. Some countries have borrowed an idea from the British and made no chronological changes, but there are others that have rigged the system clock mode by itself. For this, they took into account parameters such as time zone, geographical location and climate. For example, in Namibia clockwise transferred twice a year: once in mid-spring to summer time, and the second time in early autumn to winter. But in Jordan daylight savings time starts in early spring and in winter in late autumn.

In Europe to determine the optimal time for the new time regime necessarily take into account the time-zone and Meridian. This means that in each country, and sometimes in each city, a new time occurs at different times. For example, in London and Lisbon, clocks are moved at two in the morning, while in Rome, Paris and Berlin in three hours of the night. Cities such as Istanbul, Helsinki and Athens transfer of hours is carried out in four in the morning.

With regard to Iceland, half of the year from the capital of UK, it is off by one hour as the transfer direction only at the winter time.

America and Canada translate the time in summer and winter alike, namely twice a year and at the same time.

There are countries which, like Russia, refused any transitions at a different time. It is countries like:

  • Algeria.
  • Vietnam.
  • Japan.
  • Tunisia.
  • India.
  • Afghanistan.
  • North and South Korea.
  • Philippines and so on.

the clock in the world

Basically, the rejection of the transition to a new time associated with the agricultural production in the state where work is defined by daytime.

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