When the Internet emerged?

The Internet has many names: global network, the world wide web and even the Internet is an information space has already covered all of the earth’s hemisphere and almost no organization and the company can’t do without this miracle of technology. He is in every house and apartment, most people can’t do without it, but not everyone knows exactly when the Internet was born.

How it all began?

How it all began

After start-up of the Soviet Union in the space of one of the first satellites in the late fifties, during the cold war, the U.S. defense Department has set itself the goal of creating a system of information transfer. The United States thought about establishing a network, which in case of war would be experiencing all the hardships and reliable. In those days, telephone and Telegraph communications, has not coped with its task, because they had unstable work. The us military has assigned this task to an Agency, ARPA, which was responsible for the introduction of the military forces of America the latest developments and advanced technologies. For development were involved in 4 organizations:

  1. The Stanford research center.
  2. University Of Los Angeles.
  3. The University Of Utah.
  4. The University Of Santa Barbara.

With funding from the U.S. Department of defense under the direction of developer Joseph Licklider appeared the first concept of a computer network, which was additionally supported by the work of Leonardo Cleanroom, a specialist in communication theory data transfer package. Scientists have created a system where computers were linked, they were equal. The destruction of one computer to others who were at a great distance from each other, continued to work saving all the information. The information itself was broken into packets and transmitted over the network.

The first connection attempts

the first connection attempts

At 9 PM, 29 October 1969, at a distance of 640 kilometers, was held the first successful communication session, which is simultaneously confirmed by telephone. This session was held between the University, who was in Los Angeles and Stanford research Institute. This session was very short and after entering two characters the connection was broken, but she had been restored to 22:30 and the second attempt was more successful. This session was the beginning of the birth of the network.

In the early seventies scientists have developed one of the programs that sent e-mails across the network after its establishment, it has become incredibly popular. After another two years, to the network connected telephone cable, due to this it became international.

The birth of the world wide web

The birth of the world wide web

In 1983, namely 1 January, the ARPANET switched from the first outdated standard network Protocol NCP to new TCP/IP, which is safely enjoyed up to that time — in 1983 the Internet was invented.

Over the next year, was designed domain names, and the ARPANET became acquainted with its new competitor NSFNet, which for the year was joined by over 10 thousand users. After another 4 years in 1988, the Internet was improved, it became possible to communicate in real time.

when the Internet was born 3

In the early nineties there were at once two events: the first was connected to the world wide web through a telephone cable, the second — fully ARPANET ceased to exist, losing competition NSFNet. A year later the Internet became accessible to all, and two years later came one of the popular web browser NCSA Mosaic.

Since 90 years of XX century, the Internet has connected all of the existing network, there is no unified leadership and it was independent from the business and from any specific companies. By the end of XX century were connected to the Internet more than 10 million users, it has become one of the most popular means of information exchange.

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