When the Day of the railwayman

In order to celebrate the professional achievements of the workers of a particular industry, decided to celebrate their professional holiday. This day summarizes the development of the industry over the past year, there is a greeting and promotion of all employees, which showed a positive result of its work. So many people wonder – when the Day of the railwayman?

When the Day of the railwayman

The history of the origin and formation of the holiday

Professional holiday of all who are in varying degrees associated with the transportation and infrastructure on the Railways in our country, accept congratulations on the first Sunday of August. So every year is a different date. His story has its roots in the period of tsarist Russia. For the first time as a professional holiday of railway workers has its origin from the 28th of June, 1896, when Mikhail Khilkov, who had held the post of Minister of communications signed the corresponding decree.

This holiday was the first for all of you who have linked their lives with the railroad not only in the CIS countries and Russia. It is usually celebrated in some countries of Europe. This date is closely connected with the day you were born, Nicholas I (25 June), who is the founder of the Railways in pre-revolutionary Russia. It was during his reign were designed, built and put into operation the first railway line, which was intended for walking in Tsarskoe Selo and the road connecting Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

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Traditionally, on this day the railway companies were not working. And in the evenings in the hall of Peter’s station held a celebratory dinner. At all major stations held a festive prayer service. Most magnificent feast was celebrated in Saint-Petersburg, where at that time on the Fontanka embankment was the Ministry of Railways of the Russian Empire. At the solemn event gathered high officials of the Ministry, as well as invited employees of the Ministry of Finance, which at that time closely cooperated with the railroad.

So, until the October revolution which happened in 1917, that June 25 was the official Day of the railwayman. After the revolutionary events occurred is the abolition of all the king’s feasts and this one is no exception. The tradition to celebrate it resumed only in 1936, when at the meeting of railwaymen Joseph Stalin thanked for their achievements. Then it was decided to celebrate this day on July 30. On this day and held a meeting with the railroad. And to create the conditions for an effective celebration, it was decided to move it to next Sunday. This event occurred on 9 July 1940. In consequence of the first Sunday of August was officially recognized by the railroad Day, which is celebrated until today.

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When noted in the CIS

In Azerbaijan, the railroad had the opportunity to celebrate the holiday on October 13.

Similarly with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, it falls on the first weekend of August.

In neighboring Latvia the railway workers ‘ Day was officially designated on August 5, the day when was founded the Latvian railway.

The Latvians decided to celebrate on August 28.

Ukrainians want to congratulate our railway every year on the same day, namely on November 4.

In Estonia, the Day the history of the railway is celebrated on August 21.

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When it is celebrated in Europe

For residents of the Bulgarian railway workers ‘ Day is the first Sunday of August.

In Hungary it is celebrated in the second weekend of July.

In Poland, it falls on November 25, when Recalling the patron of the road – Martyr Catherine of Alexandria.


Since 1954 the Czech railway workers got the holiday on 18 August. On this day at Prague Castle hosted the first conference of the railway workers of the Czech Republic. It was later decided to postpone its celebration on the 27 September so as not to create obstacles for the preparation for the winter period on the railway.

Slovak railway workers also celebrate on September 27. This date is connected with the opening of the first in the Austro-Hungarian railway. It happened in 1840.

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