When the day of the Builder?

Day of workers of the construction industry in all former USSR countries celebrate the second Sunday of August. In celebrating the participation of all those who have respect not only to the erection of buildings, but also participated in the project, the repair and maintenance of structures — engineers, fitters, plasterers, painters, bricklayers, tilers and other staff. Still the holiday is celebrated and students and teachers of these professions. It is the builders provide people with housing, good roads, clubs, stadiums, and is generally considered a very responsible job, which starts with the planning, organization and only at the end of the construction of buildings. No wonder the construction workers have earned and annually celebrate their holiday.



Celebrate this holiday, Builder’s day, those who belong to this profession. All together gather around the table, where toast and hear the clink of glasses, the wishes of happiness and health in difficult and complex work. On TV are always the first person in the country with congratulations for the best employees. The best employees are awarded diplomas, medals and valuable gifts for their hard and difficult work. The whole day on television and radio waves, sound, display and transmit the transmission on the occurrence of difficulty is Builder, what successes they reached in this industry and what are your plans. One of the traditions was the celebration of celebrations, in every city to start operation in the new building, fountain or other building structure always involves not only workers in the building trades, but also many other residents. All clubs and cultural institutions must be creative and dance performances, in honor of day of the Builder.



After the rapid construction of the Zhiguli hydroelectric station, the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee L. N. Khrushchev was so impressed from the huge built of the complex and rapid erection, which initiated the creation of the document «On establishing the annual celebration of the «Day of the Builder». This decree was issued September 6, 1955, and the first celebration was held on August 12, 1956. After the collapsed the former Soviet Union the holiday is celebrated not only in Russia but all the former particles — Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan.

Profession Builder


These brave and intelligent people who create projects, build, repair and refurbish different buildings, houses, roads and other industrial facilities not only civil but also military purposes. Their job is to ensure that countries not only housing for the citizens, but also a means of communication, it can be by road, rail and other auxiliary structures. From the outset, the profession begins with professional education. In this secondary school you can get a profession of a bricklayer, plasterer, tiler and painter. Many, unable to continue their education, enrolling in College, to the education of the engineer, constructor, designer, which will enable the design and construction of the building.

Interesting. Knowing that the holiday, which is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of August, you can calculate and know that the next day the Builder:

  • In 2017 — on August 13.
  • In 2018 — August 12.
  • In 2019 — August 11.
  • In 2020 — 9 Aug.
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