When the day of airborne?

The day of the airborne troops is considered one of the most important military holidays. When the day of airborne? It is celebrated on 2 August, the reason is the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 31 may 2006.

The history of the holiday

The USSR is the birthplace of the airborne troops. August 2, 1930 on the teachings for the first time had landed a few people. The division, consisting of twelve men, landed from a glider with parachutes. Before them was a tactical purpose. These unique exercises were held on the territory of the Moscow military district of Voronezh region. This dangerous experiment was a huge success. They understood what power lies in the airborne divisions, soldiers of which is able to cover the enemy from all sides, descending through the air.

The founder of parachute in Russia is a Soviet designer Pavel Grokhovsky. He was the author of the first parachutes.

If airborne day

Who are the Marines

Airborne troops were called «air infantry». These troops are also called «winged». Required attribute paratrooper became the blue beret. It symbolizes the sky. Takes put during the holidays. Another beacon by which we know the paratrooper vest with white and blue stripes.

Form is constantly being improved. In Soviet time it was different blue lapels, the officers allocated gold piping. In winter they used snow-white coveralls for camouflage. The main part of the form was pants on the batting, quilted jacket, boots and hat.

In our day clothes paratrooper constantly modificeres. Now the jacket is able to transform into a comfortable jacket. Field form of the paratrooper consists of 12 items that fit in a compact backpack. To replace the boots came boots with thermal inserts.

Marines participated in armed conflicts throughout the Soviet Union. This rapid reaction force designed for air to enter the enemy’s rear and destroy his guns and reserves. Paratroopers landed in enemy territory, disrupt the work of the rear, disrupt the functioning of the devices to transmit information to drive the enemy into the corner. The airborne troops to block the enemy group and build a defense. Paratroopers are delivered by aircraft, helicopters, gliders. They land by parachute or landing, helicopters and aircraft at the same time hang in the air.

In peacetime, the winged infantry are in constant combat readiness. Airmobile troops are called to defend their country and its citizens.

Day of airborne forces

As the day goes airborne

2 Aug vest and blue berets and flood the parks main street. On this day, Marines are not only fun, but also sad to remember all those who did not live to see this day.

The capital hosts a procession travels from the Church of Saint prophet of God to the heart of Moscow-red square. All churches are the Liturgy, dedicated to the fallen soldiers of the airborne infantry.

On this day, everyone can see demonstration performances of the experienced military. The program includes hand-to-hand combat and parachute jumps. Also the Marines are competing in endurance, they smash head on the bricks and glass bottles. Favorite tradition is bathing in the fountains. Utilities are forced to disable them in the water, to reduce harm from cheerful festivities. The Marines also organized public concerts, which the bards sing war songs.

The monuments solemnly lay wreaths. On the roads moving column of cars of cars waving flags. This movement is supplemented by loud shouting «For VDV!» and military songs tell and the courage of Russian soldiers.


Airborne troops — the elite of the army. Marines command respect and admiration, are the heroes of our country.

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