When the air force day

Unfortunately, there are still those who do not know when the air force day is celebrated in Russia, but for most people 12 August – holiday day Air Military forces. The history of this holiday originates from the first half of the twentieth century and to this day features and traditions of the celebration of air force day religiously observe.

The status of the celebration

The festive event dedicated to the Day of the air force, is held in August. This date was set on may 31 in 2006 the acting President of Russia. The document was issued, on which glorious Day the Air Force was given the status of memorial day.

if the day of the IPO

The celebrations held on this day are designed not only to raise the profile and prestige of the military, but also to develop the tradition of hard military service, to remember those who gave their lives become brought to the path of peaceful development and prosperity.

A bit of history

For historical references, found in the archives of the war Department, that on 12 August 1912 organized the first aerostatic part. So solemn date of air force Day in our time, marked this day. More than one decade date 12 August is the day of formation of the first Russian military aviation.

history of the air force



In two years, since the creation of the first vazduhoplovno part in the Ministry of war, there were more than 260 aircraft and 40 squadrons. Impressive in scale boost to the development of Russian aviation made the First world war. By early 1917, the Air Force of the country was transformed into a strong, private army, includes three kinds of aircraft:

  • Intelligence.
  • Extermination.
  • Bombing.

Until the middle of 1924 significantly increased not only the aircraft, but also improved organization structure parts of the aircraft as a whole. Before the second world war was formed about 80 air divisions and regiments 20.

Holy force


Despite war and destruction, the change of government and institutional systems, the air force has managed not only to preserve and increase their numbers, but also to replenish the ranks with new modern equipment. To date, the Russian air force possesses the most powerful infrastructure allows you to not worry about the integrity and freedom of the state. Regardless of the weather conditions, the air force is able to repel the aggression of other States from the air as well as to support combat troops for other purposes.

Features of the celebration of air force Day

On August 12, noted:

  • The administration of the Russian troops.
  • Missile troops.
  • Special communications unit.
  • Division of electronics.
  • Radio.

On this day various events are held celebrating the power of the spirit and courage of those who serve in the Russian air force. On cinema screens is the viewing of films on military subjects, from concert halls to hear songs of the war years, held the exposition of military equipment of years past, and the sky is the Airshow with the participation of modern aircraft and other military equipment.

The air force of Russia

All those who is related to aviation: pilots, designers, and members of their families. Family and friends gather together at the festive table. They not only sing songs, watch holiday programs or just talk, they remember those who died performing combat tasks, defending their Homeland.

Most great pleasure to take part in the bright and noisy festivals that are held in every city in the country.

The most important thing in this day people once again raise the topic about how important it is that the country had a strong army and attended the Patriotic spirit of the population. Contribute to this spirit and Patriotic talks, held on the basis of the country’s largest aviation Museum.

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