When starting the autumn vacation at school

Very hard to find a student who would love a school class. Many like it because at school you can socialise with your classmates, with older friends, gain experience in sports, and, of course, a school like it for the holidays. When starting the autumn vacation at school – a question which interested not only the students but also their parents. I want to sit at home, take a break from this school stuff even if the vacation is only one week.

Features holidays

Today, any educational institution of the Russian Federation can choose for themselves the best variant of vacations, they often fall on the last week of October and first week of November. The break lasted 9 days taking into account weekends. This is enough to rest from everyday academic life, missing friends and classmates and want to go back to school.

when the autumn holidays schoolchildren

This year autumn holidays have ended, kids with new forces come to school, eager to get an education and please not only parents but also teachers. It is also worth noting that for first graders in some countries, there is some relief that the kids can go on an extra vacation, to get a speedy adaptation to new knowledge.

Features holidays for schoolchildren

In all countries the vacations are created on the basis of the following aspects:

  • System of organization or any other educational institution. Each school may have their own rules of study and for semesters or quarters.
  • The age of the children. First graders have to have additional holidays and weekends.
  • Depending on public holidays, weather conditions.

school holidays

Today the Directorate has the right to decide what time the kids need to go on vacation, how long they will last, and when. According to statistics, the learning process continues 271 days, 90 days must be allocated for rest and recovery of the mental activity of every child, regardless of primary school or the prom.

More information about vacation

Do not forget that we have a cold and unpleasant winter with large frost, which creates children additional holidays. Except for autumn and winter holidays, this time may experience an unplanned weekend. Vacation call them difficult because, typically, these weekends take 3-4 days to recover the optimal weather to obtain education.

For first graders the reason for the unscheduled vacation may be the frost of -20 degrees, the average school closes at -22, and for high school figure should be -25 degrees. Holidays with children may be not only autumn, winter, spring and summer, but also spring and autumn.

school holidays in children

Most of these holidays are observed at the beginning of December, when after a pleasant autumn starts strong and unbearable cold. Children declared a quarantine that does not have a clear timetable of appearance and finish. It all depends on the weather conditions.

Why would a child need a break?

Regardless of age, the child in the school receives a large enough cerebral burden, and not always a weekend spent on vacation. Too often modern education completely fills the weekend teaching children, not giving them time to relax, to change from mental work to physical, take a walk with friends. That’s why parents from time to time should be required to create for your baby a day weekend or week-long quarantine if required.

autumn is the season of holidays

Psychologists say that students stay plays a lesser role than education. Because of their age, the child should try to develop, to learn something new for yourself that is not included in the scope of education. If your child needs breaks between studying and school, let him do it without waiting for short-term routine vacations. Childhood one, and to gain new knowledge and skills not only from school curricula but also from self development in which children are engaged in free time from school.

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