When salting the cabbage?

With the arrival of cold weather, every woman wonders when salting the cabbage, that it turned out tasty, fragrant, and not spoiled by cold weather. Mid-November – this is the most appropriate and convenient time when you need to go to the salting of the cabbage. At this time all Housewives clean the garden, prepare for the frosty winter months. Coping with the whole vegetable work there is a lot of free time, which can be engaged in the salting young and tasty cabbage.

if soliti cabbage

When you go to the salting cabbage

As soon as I hit the first frosts, you can think about how to pickle cabbage. There are many secrets that help to make the process of salting more enjoyable, tasty and unusual. Let’s see:

  • It is best to take the cabbage for pickling, 10 days after the first frost, because this time there is the process of turning acid into sugar. Cabbage will get fragrant and very delicate flavor.
  • Do not salt the cabbage on a full moon, because it will have a sour and smooth taste. Real salted cabbage must stand out crisp features to do this is to pickle it on the sixth day of the new moon.
  • Salting the cabbage need only «male» days, namely, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
  • It is forbidden to pickle the cabbage in the time of the menstrual cycle in women.
  • Don’t need to use iodized salt.

Auspicious days for pickling cabbage

If you are wondering when in October salting the cabbage, you will surely find the answer in this article. The most favorable days for this process there are days 3-15 Oct. Starting from the 16 of October starts on a full moon, that is why if you do not have time to pickle the cabbage until October 16, it is necessary to move this process already for November.

salted cabbage

In November best days for such manipulations is 2 weeks from the beginning of the month. From October 30 to November 14, you can safely proceed to the process of salting the cabbage, not worrying about what you might get poor quality or tasteless cabbage. It was in November of pickles of cabbage is considered the most effective and efficient, so that at this time the quality is high, and even if you are not a professional in this field, to spoil the taste especially salty cabbage you are unlikely to succeed.

Some Housewives prefer to add salt to the cabbage closer to the New Year, because I think that by this time the cabbage will insist you will find a lot of useful components that will not spoil even the process of salting. In December, the best days are two weeks before the New Year – namely, 16-28 Dec. At this time you can do not only the workpiece for the winter, but still stunning and tasty dish for the holiday table.

What kind of cabbage to use?

To make a tasty and flavorful pickled cabbage, it is necessary to know not only the process of cooking, but also variants of cabbage that will be useful and proper for this process. Even our grandmothers say that pickles is better to give preference to green cabbage. It is not only the most affordable option, but also contains a lot more useful components than any other option.

If you are undecided cabbage and preferred the white option, then it is worth to know several secrets of high-quality and proven method pickles. There are many methods of salting, for example:

  • With apples.
  • With sugar.
  • With salt.
  • With the beets.
  • With honey.

white cabbage salt

Each housewife has its own secrets of cooking someone’s recipe was inherited and someone just wants to try his own version of pickling.

Especially pickles of cabbage

As we have found that the best option would be cabbage, and that is why today we will talk about it. Take capacity of 3 liters and 4 kg of cabbage. For cooking you will need the following ingredients:

  • Salt.
  • Carrot.
  • Pepper powder.
  • Spices.
  • Bay leaf.

Preparation will not take much time, the main focus on the process and not be distracted by other things. Wash the cabbage, cut it in half, cut. It is best to use a special knife, if it’s not, you can do the usual butter knife of large dimensions. My carrots RUB on a grater and mix with cabbage in one capacity, which will be salting.

Hinder is up as long as the cabbage juice let. Add the spices and Bay leaf. It is very important taste the cabbage in taste, because of inexperience it is possible to overdo it and completely ruin the taste characteristics.

the process of salting the cabbage

As a rule, for pickling cabbage is enough for 2-3 days. Place the pot needs room temperature. At the time of the ferment process, it is important from time to time to pierce it with a wooden stick. Be sure to cover the pan with a plate and on top put a jar of water. As soon as there will be a cessation of the fermentation process, it is possible to say that the cabbage is ready.

This is a classic and standard way of cooking salted cabbage, every woman can experiment with ingredients, spices and seasonings. If done gradually and at the right time to spoil the cabbage is simply not possible.

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