When Russia Day and how it is celebrated

Prepare culinary masterpieces like art, because this process requires greater attention, a sense of proportion, knowledge and of course talent. Not everyone is able to master these skills. But there is such a profession in which cooking delicious, beautiful and original dishes is the meaning of life. Of course, we are talking about chefs. These fighters are the culinary front» constantly delight us with their skill, because long food sources of energy has become a source of pleasure. And thanks to these creators were created the occasion of the world day of chefs. About it and speech will go further.

Congratulations Chef

How did this profession

People have been cooking since I was able to make fire. The first experiments were not very successful: undercooked or burnt the food is not particularly pleasing to the cave residents. But still there were craftsmen who could enjoy produced products. They were the first chefs, on whose shoulders lay the care of the sustenance of the entire tribe.

The first mention of the cook, as a specialist, who earns money in this craft, Dating back to the third Millennium BC was discovered in Crete. But most likely this profession, as such, has gained recognition much earlier.

Chefs and cooks valued at all times, because the prestige of an aristocratic home is directly dependent on their professionalism and skills. So the technology of preparation of dishes and recipes carefully preserved, was secretly preserved and passed only by inheritance or students.

How to celebrate the day chefs in the world

The European tradition

The first school for the training of this profession appeared in Ancient Rome. It was then opened special schools, priotkryvaya the curtain on the cooking. The Romans, in General, love for the cooking process, because for him, they came up with the tenth Muse, whose name Cooking. She became the patroness of all the members of the profession, and also gave the name to this craft.

In the future, the art of cooking has evolved. Special impetus was the appearance of spices from the Eastern countries. In addition, many travelers brought a lot of recipes from exotic countries that had a considerable influence on the cooking.

Championship elegance, the kitchen belonged to Italy, but French cooks did not depart from them. And today chefs from these countries argue about their superiority, and we are left only to enjoy their «delicious war».

History cooking

The development of cooking in Russia

On the territory of ancient Russia the process of cooking engaged exclusively in women of the older generation. And only from the Chronicles, dated XI century, you can learn about professional cooking, but also about the whole powerreg that belonged to the Kyiv-Pechersk Church.

The tavern was the first prototype of a cafe where a traveler can satisfy your hunger and relax. Later they were replaced by restaurants – more convenient roadside places, resembling hotels. Here necessarily there is a kitchen, dining room, rooms.

In Soviet times there was a lot of open public canteens which were fed cheap and sometimes free Lunches for employees of all organizations, students, preschool children and students. Of course, this could not lead to acute shortage of professionals in the culinary arts. That is why in countries were are many colleges and schools where you learn this profession could be anyone. Of course, to impress your art like the experts could not, but to cope with the standard menu, every dining room was in their power.

Holy Day Kukhar

After the Soviet Union ended the monopoly of the «Soviet» menu. The variety and range of dishes served in the restaurants and cafes, is greatly increased. Cook’s profession is becoming in demand as ever, but to work in a prestigious institution will not be able, having only the diploma. It will take talent, professionalism and nedyuzhy skill.

The history of the holiday is or when international Day of the chef

So historically that any celebration whether it is family or social, cannot do without treats. So without a chef you can’t do either at corporate or family gatherings. And all these arrangements from one celebration to another chef and forget about creating your own holiday. Well at least managed to unite the world Association of representatives of this profession. And when their population reached 8 million, and then sounded the idea of creating a professional holiday.

This event occurred we can say the newly – October 20, 2004. This day marks the international Day of chefs, all chefs of the world receiving congratulations from their fans. In addition, this holiday is one of the most «delicious». After all, celebrating the Day chef all kinds of contests and festivals of culinary art, in which professionals share their secrets and recipes, but also talk about the technology of cooking delicious and healthy meals.

How to celebrate the Day

When Russia Day?

So when the rest of the world – 20 Oct. On this day in many cities of our country is many festivals, where local chefs demonstrate their art. If you got the information about holding of such celebration, be sure to try to get there. After all, there you will find a «feast of taste», where you can taste delicious dishes of both traditional and world cuisine.

When the day in Ukraine?

And all at the same time – October 20. Ukrainians are no less than any other Nations respect good food, and, of course, such a celebration could not pass them. In large cities, hosts many festivals culinary arts, on which to show off the talents are going to not only professional chefs but also enthusiasts are self-taught.

When we celebrate the Day in Russia

Such events are held in many countries, so as soon as you approach this date, please read the information about the holding of celebrations dedicated to this holiday. Because to get to such a «marathon of delicious dishes» the dream of any gourmet. In addition, most of the top chefs happy to spend this day of free workshops where you can learn a lot of useful information not only about cooking but also for decorating. And it will be useful even if to the profession of the cook is not included in your plans.

Don’t forget to congratulate chef

Not necessarily to think that cooks and chefs – it is only those who cooks in a posh and elite restaurants. After all, aunt Nina from the school cafeteria, or a girl cooking for you hotdog at a roadside cafe also belong to this profession. And let their work not as noticeable, but don’t forget to congratulate them when the Day of the cook.

How to congratulate chef

In addition, this profession can be easily attributed to all of our mothers, grandmothers, wives, maybe husbands or sons, if they do cooking in the house. After all, they tirelessly every day trying to cook us something «tasty» and quietly working on the «not visible front cooking». Hence deserve your congratulations on that day, when is celebrated the day of the cook.

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