When Pushkin was born? Biography, creativity and stages of life

Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin is the great Russian poet. He laid down the basic principles of realism. When Pushkin was born, where he grew up, what inspired and how did their works — all this is the heritage of the Russian literature. Through the centuries, his works are alive and find a place in modern life.

when Pushkin was born

In his works, Pushkin raised important social issues such as the monarchy and the relationship to the person, the loneliness of the individual in society. Alexander was supported in his poems the position of the Decembrists, for which he had to pay dearly.

Biography of the great poet

Pedigree of Alexander Pushkin combines aristocratic roots. It is not rare in his works, the poet broke the origins of their origin. For example, his great-grandfather served Peter the great and was African, bore the name Abram Petrovich Hannibal. He became an outstanding engineer. The paternal grandfather was Colonel Lev. The father was one of the enthusiastic poets. Pushkin has always considered their ancestry a special aristocratic native.

biography of Pushkin


Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was born may 26, 1799 in Moscow. Summer the poet liked to spend with my grandmother, Maria Alekseevna. It about the younger Tomboy remembered that he was confident in the creative potential of his grandson, but strongly worried about his education. Grandmother’s fears were not in vain, the young poet strongly bound to education. Children’s perception of the period gave rise to the first works of Pushkin. In 1815 – 1816 years Alexander writes «Message to Yudin» and «Sleep».

Young poet

His youth the poet spent in Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum. All training lasted for six years. It was there that Pushkin wrote many of his outstanding poems. Inspired by his French poets. With their creativity the young Pushkin became acquainted through his father’s library. Teachers of Alexander at that period were Zhukovsky founder of Russian romanticism and Batyushkov. In the period 1813 – 1815, all his work is imbued with the simple pleasures of life. Since 1816 the poet is fond of elegies, which recalls the feeling, love, soul, misfortune, etc. Despite the common poetic cliches, already at a young age the poet formed their own, nothing on a similar creative style.

Pushkin and Goncharova

In his poetry he spoke to the theme of the Patriotic war of 1812. The poetry of that period was published in the journal with his full signature. He also had the courage to Express their position regarding the situation in the state by the message «Licinius», where one of the main characters was a prototype Arakcheev. Of particular interest was a satire. This influence can be seen in his creation «the Shadow Fonvizina».

As a student of the Lyceum, Pushkin entered the literary society «Arzamas», which was aimed at the preservation of the canons of Russian classicism in modern prose.

Youth of the poet

After graduating from the Lyceum, Pushkin would be sent to serve in the Committee for foreign Affairs. By the time he was a frequent guest in theatrical circles, remained a member of the «Arzamas». Pushkin never belonged to various secret organizations, but, nevertheless, was an active supporter of the Decembrists, he felt for her some sympathy. At the time had written such works as «in Attendance», «Liberty», «Village». The task of the literary society, from the time of the Lyceum, began writing a poem «Ruslan and Lyudmila». In the near future, this work will evoke mixed reviews.

In 1820, there was a question about exile in Siberia. First of all, it was connected with the contents of his epigrams Arakcheev and Alexander I. Thanks to friends and intervention Karamzin, links to be avoided. But the commutation was translated in the Kishinev office in the southern part of Russia.

Pushkin and Goncharova

The service lasted four years. Pushkin managed to strike up a romance with the boss’s wife, and discover their potential in a romantic love poetry. Just at this period, he enjoys the creativity of Byron. In 1824 was made public his letter on atheistic capture, that the poet had to stop the service and go to the estate of his mother, where he was to spend a couple of years. In this place he is alone with the nature creates his poems «To the sea», «Gypsies». In the Michael Pushkin was manifested the love of Billiards.

In 1825 an acquaintance with Anna Kern, she was dedicated the poem «I remember a wonderful moment…»

Life after links

In September 1826, Pushkin was summoned to a meeting with Nicholas I. the discussion was behind closed doors, after which the poet was guaranteed freedom from censorship. Then he became interested in the reign of Peter. Continues to work hard to Poltava.

In December, 1828, occurs the fateful meeting with Natalia Goncharova, the poet falls in love with her. But the family of Natalia wary of the poet, fearing his freedom and love for gambling. But in 1830, Pushkin was able to achieve the location of the family Goncharov. In 1831 there is a wedding Bridal. The couple a short time lived in Moscow, and then had to leave. The reason was a quarrel in-law and mother-in-law and the subsequent tensions between them.

The duel of Pushkin and d'anthes

In the spring of 1836, after a serious illness the mother is dying Pushkin. In the last years of his life, he really bonded with her, so loss, too much struck by the poet. In late may, Pushkin was forced to return to Petersburg as his wife from day to day waiting for replenishment.

Death of a poet

In the fall of 1836, Pushkin felt depressed. It was caused by constant reproaches mother-in-law about the need to divide the estate of the deceased mother. Long and unimportant things in publishing have shaken the poet. Decisive became obvious signs of love from Dantes to his wife — Natalia Nikolaevna. After the offensive began to spread rumors among friends, Pushkin appointed duel. Thanks to the efforts of well-wishers, tragedy was avoided. 17 Nov Dantes proposed marriage to her younger sister Natalia Goncharova, then rumors that it was made specially for the rehabilitation of the position of the wife of Pushkin society. The poet could not tolerate this state of Affairs, and, in spite of the entreaties of his wife to leave St. Petersburg, I decided to deal with the problem of their family.

The Death Of Pushkin

January 27, held a duel between Dantes and Pushkin. A place was assigned to the coast of Black river. It was there that the great poet was mortally wounded. The bullet went through her hip and grazed the stomach. In the last moments of life, the poet asked forgiveness of Nicholas I in violation of the prohibition of duels. January 29, Pushkin died.

After the poet’s death, Nicholas has fulfilled the promises made to the Pushkin. He forgave all the debts of the poet, called for the help of his wife and daughter and paid for the education of his sons.

Buried Pushkin was not in uniform, and at the insistence of his wife, was buried inside the coat. The farewell took place in the presence of a large number of people. In the Church at the funeral admitted by invitation only.

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