When is the birthday of Vladimir Putin

The welfare of our country every month gets a little better, and for the most part it is a merit of our President. What many Russians are concerned about, when is the birthday of Putin, as he celebrates.

when Dr. Putin

The birthday of Vladimir Putin the seventh of October, recently he was sixty-four years, this year the President did not take the output on this day, through a very busy schedule, and accepted congratulations happy birthday on the workplace.

As noted birthdays of President

Celebrated the birthday of Vladimir Vladimirovich different and every year is in some way special, and this is considering the fact that during the reign, he only once took a day off on this day.

His very first birthday on a post of the head of state, in 2000, the year Putin said in Pavlovsk, where it is welcomed:

  • The entire leadership of the Smolny.
  • Many famous and important singers and artists at that time.
  • The President of Federation of judo of the Russian Federation.
  • As well as the rector of the prestigious institutes of Russia.

The celebration then lasted not very long, and in the evening the President went to negotiate with the world Bank, after which we went to the theater for the premiere of Tchaikovsky’s «Mazeppa»

Next year the celebration was very modest, when Vladimir Vladimirovich was in the suburbs with his family and close friends.

The fiftieth anniversary has been more than magnificent. The celebration began in Chisinau, where he held a CIS summit, at which all the heads of the CIS were invited for lunch at the Russian Embassy. In the evening on arrival in the capital, Mr Putin gave a big gala dinner to which were invited all the important people in the country.

when Putin celebrates DR

In 2003-m to year the celebration took place on the ship «new island». Among the invitees were well-known politicians and civil servants, as well as all the important people of St. Petersburg. The celebration did not last long, and already there, the ship began to discuss ways to improve the city’s infrastructure.

In 2004 year, the birthday of Vladimir Putin fell on the anniversary of the town of Strelna, where he noted, was again invited all the important people of St. Petersburg and, of course, Strelna. The event was held in the Lower Park, and ended the celebration very bright and large-scale fireworks.

The seventh of October, 2005 was very eventful for the President, as he was at the summit. Where in addition he had collected the heads of Central Asian countries. As such, there was no celebration, there was a small celebration Breakfast, which Mr President received congratulations.

The celebration in 2006, it went quite casually, was again collected all the important people of the Northern capital, where, after a small feast began discussing the main problems of the city.

But in 2007, the birthday of the leader of the Russian Federation was in some way special. At the celebration were invited to all high-ranking military and families of soldiers who died in the line of duty. The event took place in the Kremlin, and began it to the President, — «Today we sum up the results, not have a meeting or ceremony. Today I just meet people who truly respected.»

secrets of Putin's birthday

The celebration of 2008, was also quite unusual, it began with a screening of the documentary film about judo. Then held a small meeting on the problems of national cinema, on which they were offered several ways for their solution and further development of the Russian film industry.

In another to 2014, the birthday of the head of state, there were no significant events and everything was pretty ordinary. All limited to or collection of important political personalities, or a modest celebration with family and friends. But in 2014, was a momentous event, for the first time of his rule, Mr Putin took a day off and went far away to Siberia, where he engaged in hunting and fishing.

No output

Many people worry about others, Putin is not output, and almost always, the celebration is limited to some small time after the start of the meeting and resolve any issues. Many Western media very often in this day talks about some of the magnificent festivals, and forced congratulations. And it really looks very silly, as even on the anniversary is a great celebration. But if some important work or meetings in the schedule there, the head of state celebrates very modestly, in a circle of friends and relatives. The rest are all confined to a small lunch or dinner, which contains important and representative people.

the anniversary of Putin's


Putin himself says that cannot afford to relax and celebrate, even when so much needs to be done to improve the welfare of citizens of the Russian Federation.

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