When to dig and how to store gladiolus

Gladiolus, like many other house plants that do not tolerate the winter cold, therefore, require preliminary digging and storage. Anyone who has these beautiful flowers need to know when to dig and how to store gladioli.

When to dig gladioli?

If your garden bloom gladioli, you have to know when to dig them. In autumn it is better to do, but rather at the beginning of autumn, when the ground is still dry. To dig up the plants when the ground is wet, it is not recommended. But too solid ground so not suitable for digging.

when to dig gladioli

You can’t dig up the flowers during flowering, and even in the first time after it. Gladiolus must wither and soon after a month, you can begin its excavation, as well as flowering gladiolus in early August, it can be done just in September. If you have a lot of these plants, and remember the flowering of each individual flower can not, then, in such cases, experienced growers recommend keeping records to know exactly when the plant will wither and calculate thirty days prior to the end of flowering. If you dig up the plant immediately after flowering, the corms may begin to fade, and this, in turn, will lead to the death of gladiolus.

A prerequisite for the excavation of this flower, is daytime. The first must be dug up those flowers that grow from corms. Early varieties of gladiolus dig first, and late, respectively, later. Early varieties, mainly dark colors, such as red or dark blue.

How to dig up gladiolus?

Dig in winter, these flowers are a must, because in the winter months, corms of gladiolus can freeze.

The gladiolus corms are quite fragile, so it is very important to scoop them up correctly. For this you need to follow the following rules:

  • Throughout the range of flowering plants it is necessary to cut the shovels in the ground at a distance of not less than seven inches from the center of the corms.
  • Scoops needs to be embedded in the ground no less than fifteen centimeters. This is necessary in order not to damage the corms of the plant. Handle the envelope at the two sides of the flower.
  • On the handle you have to press and dig up the gladiolus along with all the corms.
  • Dug a flower is placed in a single container, e.g. a bowl or bucket.

how to dig up gladiolus

Very important is the preparation for storage of the stalks of gladiolus. It must be cut and the closer to the corm to do it, the better. Then you need to tear off the old corm of the plant by pressing it with your thumb, in order to leave only the new. If the old corm is not dry enough, you can wait a few days until it dries and then tear it off.

Well, in the last step would be to prepare the root system. Order gladiolus safely preserved until the spring planting survived the winter, the root should be well shaken from the earth, then to cut. To the roots of the flower were clean it should be rinsed under running water. For these purposes, perfect hose.

If the gladiolus is not quite healthy, for example, has limp leaves or affected by parasites, it should be treated in a special solution. It is best to use boric acid. Potassium permanganate can also be very useful, but the problem of parasites and recovery, boric acid, still, decides, is much more effective. However, the most common in people, the means for processing plants before storage is potassium permanganate. Keep the seeds in the solution must be at least half an hour.

How to store gladiolus for the winter?

Before storing the plants for storage, you need to ensure that they had properly dried after solution. If you send the Deposit of wet corms, soon, they can fester and this will lead to the death of the plant.

The best place where you can store your gladioli is the basement. There is not so cold, and the humidity level is quite suitable for this flower.

how to store gladiolus

To summarize the above. To remove gladioli in storage, you need to ensure that they were as follows:

  • Healthy.
  • Washed.
  • Pretreated with.

Experienced gardeners know that before to clean up gladiolus in storage, need a few days to dry them in the sun. No need to be afraid that it will hurt the flower, not at all, it’s necessary measure. Especially useful this procedure is for those of gladioli, who have become victims of parasites.

Storing need only healthy flowers, as the quality of planting material depends the future crop of flowers.

If you have no basement in which to store the gladiolus, you can use the fridge. If, after all, you want to keep these plants in your house, in that case, make sure that the room where the flowers always was an open window. At room temperature, the gladiolus will not survive. Storage temperature should not exceed nine degrees.

ready gladioli

Special rules of storage of gladiolus no, but, nevertheless, we can distinguish the following tips:

  • If is used for storage basement shelves, which will give tubers of the plant should be sprinkled with sawdust or sand.
  • If storage refrigerator is used, the plant should be wrapped in a plastic bag. It is necessary to make small holes for ventilation.
  • Store should be only healthy corms. If, after digging, you have shown too dry, damaged or decaying tubers, discard them. If this is not done, then, as a result, the entire plant may die.
  • The roots of the plants must be pruned.
  • From time to time need to look at the gladioli, while those stored below in case of any problems, to take timely action.

If, however, before spring planting, you find any damage to the corms, you should treat them with disinfectant.

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