When digging dahlias and how to store

Order Dahlia bloomed for a long time and have survived after digging, you need to know when to dig up dahlias and how to store them. The preservation of this flower depends primarily on proper digging, and this is a necessary procedure, because we can not withstand severe frosts.

when digging dahlias

When you need to dig up the plant?

Inexperienced growers don’t know about when you need to dig dahlias. In winter you need to ensure that the flower was already dug, because in the frost, he, most likely, will die.

Dig up dahlias in the fall. This is best done at the beginning of autumn, ie at the beginning of September.

How to dig Dahlia?

In the beginning you need to take care of the stems of the plants. Gardeners are advised to cut the stems a few days before the excavation, that is, before will be removed from the tubers of the flower. But at the same time, be sure to see to it that the base of the stem does not hit the liquid, as in this case, the plant may start to rot. In order to avoid this, you can cover the plants with foil. There is, however, another view, according to which, dig up dahlias need immediately after cutting the stem, as if this is not done, tuberous the cervix may be infected with a virus. Therefore, if the stem is clipped before the flowers of the covering foil is mandatory.

Trimmed stem dahlias on a small distance from the ground, no more than ten centimeters. Then you need to tie to the stem a tag, on which you need to specify the variety of dahlias. After that, in twenty centimeters from dahlias are hostile.

Some fear that during the cutting of the stem, it is possible to infect the virus using only one tool. In practice this is unlikely, so use one cutting tool for trimming stems, you can, without fear for the health of the plant.

how to dig dahlias

To facilitate the work with the tubers of dahlias, the stems should not be trimmed too much. Eight inches should remain mandatory. In order to carefully dig up the Dahlia, you need to use a shovel. The shovel must be a deeper dive into the ground, so as not to damage the root system of the plant. Digging with a shovel have to do with four sides. In any case, you cannot pull the stem while digging, as it can be quite fun.

In dug dahlias definitely need to cut the roots. Some people are afraid to do, afraid to damage the plant. Actually, this is a necessary measure for the future storage of the flower. Also, the roots are cut and before the upcoming planting. In this case, they need to cut at least half.

For future preservation of the dahlias it is important to ensure that its roots were cleaned from earth and dirt. To do this, they need to be cleaned. It is best to use the hose but the water pressure should not be very strong.

Since the tubers of this flower is quite fragile, to avoid damage to them, it is recommended that after digging leave them to soak for a few hours. Then the tubers will become more dry and brittle, will disappear.

After that, you can remove tubers of plants in the room with high humidity level. The room should not be too cold, but should not be hot. It is best to put the Dahlia tubers in the basement or on the porch for five or six days.

Proper storage of dahlias

As noted above, the ideal place to store this plant has a basement. The temperature in this place does not exceed ten degrees, and this means that the tubers of the flower will not wither and perfectly preserved until spring.

how to store dahlias

Rules of storage of Dahlia a little than differ from the rules of storage of vegetables, but, nevertheless, they have their own nuances. To ensure the safety of the plant must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Before storing dahlias in the cellar, the potatoes need an hour dipped in potassium permanganate to disinfect them.
  • Put it in the basement only need to dry the tubers.
  • Do not store plants in such places where there is rot, water, or dirt, as the tubers may get infected.
  • If you live in the basement rodents, to store the flowers there in any case impossible.
  • The best places to store plants in the basement there is a dry drawers and shelves.
  • The best materials that you should put the plant, are dry sawdust or sand.
  • If dahlias are stored in boxes, each tuber should be wrapped in a dry and soft paper. It is not advisable to wrap them in newspaper.
  • Must monthly check the storage of Dahlia, in the event of rot or dryness on the flower, to take appropriate action.
  • Upon detection of rot on the plant, it should be cut and the area where was the rot, treat with potassium permanganate.
  • In the basement must be fresh air. If the air is stale, the potatoes can dry up or get sick.
  • If the tubers have begun to wither or often to rot, you need to put them in a spray bottle.

To summarise, we can distinguish the following main measures to ensure the safety of dahlias during storage:

  • Preparation of plant stems.
  • Preparing the root system of the plants.
  • Preparing basement.
  • Preparation of the plant material.

beautiful dahlias in the winter

What are the different ways of storing dahlias?

  • Dip the plant into the clay. This will protect the flower from drying out, from viruses from rodents. In one liter of water to dissolve this amount of clay to get a consistency resembling thick cream. The flower is completely immersed in mud for two or three seconds, and then dried.
  • Food film. Another effective way to protect the tubers from drying out. To wrap dahlias perfect standard food wrap. In this wrap the plant is almost completely deprived of the risk of rotting.
  • Paraffin. The tubers fall into this substance, and then, wrapped in a plastic bag.

If all measures for farming and storage, the flowers will be met, in the spring you can again rejoice planted dahlias.

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