When day trading?

A lot of holidays on everyone’s lips. New year, first of September, various days of the city, and many other options – they often emerge in speech. With professional holidays harder, but with the same teachers ‘ Day, few people go wrong. However, a huge part of the population is engaged in trade, and, strangely enough, also have their holiday. Few people know when day trading, and why it is celebrated.

when day trading

The history of the holiday

Professions associated with commodity-money relations, are quite ancient, because the money and various trade been going on for a very long time. For the first time, people referred to social services, decided to celebrate in the days of the USSR. Until 1966, the holiday was celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July. But then a lot has changed.

Has not passed also twenty years as the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR decided to change the established order. In November 1988, they issued a decree, according to which the holiday was moved to the third Sunday in March.

This change is not over. As recently as just three years ago, by presidential Decree, the day of celebration was changed again. Since 2013, the day of trade workers celebrated on the fourth Saturday of July.

Who said?

It is difficult to imagine the modern world without trade. One of the most popular professions of today is a different sales managers. Nothing surprising in the fact that they have their professional holiday.

Despite the fact that the name of the holiday, it appears the word trade, it is celebrated by people belonging to different professions. Among them:

  • sellers,
  • managers and consultants,
  • employees of the wholesale Department,
  • procurement specialist,
  • employees,utilities,
  • representatives of consumer services.


When day trading?

Since this holiday has a floating date, find out when day trading, it is necessary each year anew. In 2017, the fourth Saturday in July will be in the number 22. It was then worth congratulate the workers of trade, not forgetting those who work in housing.


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