When celebrating the day of the driver in Russia

It is impossible to imagine modern life without a car. But for some a car is not just a vehicle — it’s a way of earning money, and sometimes the meaning of life. And it is for people for whom driving is a profession, was established «day of the motorist». And for many the question arises, «When in Russia the day of the driver, and who is celebrating?»

When it is noted

Although there is a day of motorists for a long time, many do not understand when celebrating the day of the driver — it is a holiday, unlike most other professional holidays not celebrated in any particular calendar day. At the official level by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from may 25, 2012 the day was reserved for the last Sunday of October. It is worth noting that this holiday does not include military drivers. When celebrate military drivers? A day earlier, that is, the last Saturday of October.

when the day of motorist

Whom to congratulate

Many believe that the day of the motorist applies to all car owners, or those who have completed training in a driving school and got my license. But it is not so. Celebrate day of the motorist have the right to only those people whose profession is directly related to road transport, it does not matter, what he has to do to cars, and how much time this person worked in the office. For example, a station worker, who started working at the station just a few weeks ago, has the same right to celebrate the motorist day as a bus driver with experience more than twenty years.

Also have the right to celebrate the people who are engaged in the production of automotive parts, components or vehicles. Teachers in schools that similarly have every right to consider this day as their professional holiday.

motorist day in Russia

A short list of occupations for which a motorist day professional holiday:

  • Drivers of buses and minibuses, and all the other regular drivers.
  • All employees and representatives of factories.
  • Repair and maintenance personnel.
  • The teachers at the driving schools.

The story of the holiday

The holiday was founded in the late twentieth century, it was founded in the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. It was introduced solely as a tribute to all workers whose jobs somehow related to car transport. Even then, this day was celebrated on the last Sunday of October. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the holiday was still shining, and most recently, he was again enshrined in law.

A period of time the day of the motorist was merged with the day of the worker of road management. This combination is not liked by both sides, and in 2012, the request for the section holidays was approved.

The tradition of celebrating

Like any professional holiday, the day of the motorist there are traditions which have become an integral part of the celebration. Of course, the celebration is not complete without a meal with family and closest friends. Toast, greetings, gifts-all this is an integral part of the celebration of day of the motorist.

Greetings are not only from loved ones, congratulations on the radio and on TV. A day motorist, on the same radio, you can hear many interesting stories, from representatives of different professions, which have direct relevance to road transport.

the tradition of celebrating

In cities in which there are large enterprises for the production of car or automotive parts and accessories, celebrating this professional holiday has a much greater scale, which can be comparable with the «city day».

Recently the government introduced the initiative, which obligates to award certificates and diplomas on the day of the motorist to the best employees, whose position is related to road transport.

The importance of the profession

So why is the motorist day from the day of its Foundation is considered to be so important? The question is very relevant, as not every professional holiday is so important in society. The thing is that in the realities of the present life, without road transport do not work. All industries are related to cars, are of great importance to society, that is why it is so important at least once a year to really thank everyone who can consider this day as their professional holiday.

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