When celebrating mother’s day in Russia?

Today, many are wondering when is mother’s day. Autumn is a great time, which is associated with love, comfort and warmth. This year the feast will be November 27. For many years, he deserves to be considered not just an ordinary date, or a fictional holiday, it’s really genuine and very bright day. In this day to congratulate our favorite moms to thank for what they gave us life, raised and set on his feet.

The history of the holiday

The celebration of mother’s day today is celebrated by all countries, it first originated in Ancient Greece. The people of this country worshipped Gaia, which is mother of all the gods on earth. The ancient Celts brought their greetings to the goddess Bridget, and the Romans celebrated the feast for three days straight, they welcomed Kibel.

mother's day in Russia

In the 17th century in England, celebrated Sunday Mom that vote king Henry III. The people of this country knew that this day they should come to my mother with congratulations. Some children have studied and lived abroad, who worked away from home, but this day was going to my parents ‘ house and celebrated a wonderful event. In honor of this holiday in the country was officially declared a holiday.

America is celebrated a little differently. The founder of this festival is Julia ward Howe, she stated that the celebration of mother’s day is in her country since 1890. Unfortunately, the people of England did not share with her such desire, the main reason for this disagreement was that Julia had positioned her role as a mother, as a fighter for justice and for peace. The English had their own versions.

When celebrating Russia

Everyone should know when mother’s day in Russia, because it is not to congratulate the dearest person on earth is simply impossible. The initiator of this holiday was the State Duma Committee on Affairs of family, youth and women. The Committee Chairman proposed to approve the holiday officially.

Since 1999, this festival has truly become valued among the Russian inhabitants, it gained its significance and became popular. On this day all women receive nice gifts and greetings, surprises, meeting family and friends. Students trying to make a gift for mom with your own hands and invest in them as much warmth and love. The older children give their mothers gifts vouchers in travel.

the mother's day celebration

On this day, you can arrange various activities such as:

  • Family festive lunch.
  • Camping with my family in a restaurant.
  • Trips to the theatre or to the cinema.
  • A true celebration with guests.

This was also the day on TV you can find a lot of different shows, movies, special events. Social networks are also global congratulations to all women, virtual bouquets and gifts, nice words.

As noted by various countries

Since the UN has not yet formally established the holiday as something important and large-scale, each country celebrates it in different times. For Russia, the holiday is November, someone said at the end of spring, who in the middle of winter, and someone in the summer. In Ukraine and Canada mother’s day celebration falls on the last month of spring, namely, on the 8th of may. For example, England and France celebrate this holiday on March 22 and Poland – 26 may. Russia can boast of a holiday on November 27.

features of the celebration of mother's day

Despite the fact that the dates of celebration differ substantially, the characteristics and importance of the celebration is the same. The Americans come to the celebration of mother’s day according to their traditions. On this day they wear loose clothing, pinned to her carnations and honor the memory of those mothers who are no longer alive.

In Estonia, people go out on the street with good mood and with country flags, they bring flowers to the monument to the Mother-worker, which is located in Helsinki. It should be noted that this monument was erected in 1996 in mother’s day.

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