When celebrate day of the motorist in Russia?

In Russia there are a lot of different professional holidays. If you try, you can find your day for virtually every profession. Many wonder, when we celebrate the motorist day in Russia? This event, like many similar, is not strictly numbers, which would allow precisely to celebrate it every year.

when celebrate day of the motorist in Russia

Motorist day in Russia

For a start, you should understand the essence of this day. The beginning of its history is considered to be 1976: it was then, the Soviet government decided to establish such a holiday. He was described as «the day of workers of motor transport», and after about 14 months the decree entered into force. The Decree «About celebratory and memorable days» wrote that such a celebration is to be held annually on the last Sunday of October.

When the decree was only approved date known under the name «day of the driver». Today, the name stuck «day of the motorist». However, the old name more clearly reflects the essence of the celebration. According to the law, this date was tied to the transport workers, not just all car owners. Of course, in Russia it is accepted to perceive a little differently. The same thing happens from February 23 – in fact, the date refers to the military (including reservists and women), but people used to just congratulate all men, regardless of their duties.

transport workers

When in Russia celebrate day of the motorist?

Up to the moment the Soviet Union collapsed, all of its components were celebrating the event at the same time, but then the situation changed. Some countries picked a different date for the celebration, others were given different names, and there were those who thought that «the day of the motorist» is not needed.

Fortunately, there are many and those who have decided that there is nothing wrong with the traditions that came before the collapse. For this reason, this date is still celebrated. The day of the motorist will be in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine on the last Sunday of October.

Interestingly, before this day coincided with the day road», but later, in 2000, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has decided to postpone the celebration. Now «day road» is celebrated on the third Sunday, and motorists still have the holiday fourth.

the rally

Day military motorist

If the essence of the holiday «day of the motorist» and lost over time, something like this almost can not happen with «the day of the military motorist» that exists in Russia. Unlikely easy to find a man leading a troop transport, and not uses it in their immediate work.

This professional holiday soldiers is celebrated annually on may 29. It is customary to congratulate those who serve in the army car and any other military representatives who use such vehicles.

They appeared during the first world war, and about the same time, may 29, 1910 was created the first educational automobile company. This day remained in the historical Chronicles, and, almost 90 years, the date was memorable – it was decided on may 29 to celebrate the «day of the military motorist».

The tradition of day of the motorist

Despite his young age, the festival has gradually acquired some of the traditions. When celebrate day of the motorist in Russia, there are various races and rallies held in cities and used not only automotive engineering.

Often different contests based on the appearance of vehicles, in particular retro-technology. Also created exhibitions related to the automotive industry, and many owners of vintage cars show them to others, passing through the city.

exhibition retro

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