When Apple spas

At the moment we have quite a lot of different holidays which apply not only to national dates, but have strictly national cultural character. But on that virtually no one thinks. That saved Apple is passing by many. And some are not even heard of the holiday. So it’s for a day, how to prepare for it and when Apple spas?

The history of the celebration of the Savior of Apple

This celebration applies not only to the Christian tradition. The roots of this festival are found even in ancient Russia, when people lived in large communities. And this holiday is celebrated everywhere, but only occasionally referred to it in different ways. It all depended on which there was a celebration. In the Slavic tradition, this feast was also called the Great Saviour, the Second Saviour, the Saviour on the mountain, a Feast of the first fruits and Pea day.

If yablochniy saved

According to ancient beliefs, this day ended with everyone’s favorite summer, and began the long-awaited autumn. And it wasn’t just invented. All the traditions are the Foundation of a century of observation. So on this day, the night was becoming colder and colder, the birds gathered in flocks, and the animals served a variety of signs that indicate the approach of winter.

Even in ancient Russia established a ban on the consumption of apples until the beginning of this holiday. And after that, started the whole festivities, which were carried out with the scope. So in Russia this day was the biggest fair where you can buy apples any variety. And some of them are just distributed with the carts.

Ancient tradition suggests that on this day, preparing a variety of treats. So it was decided to serve fresh or baked apples, pancakes with apples, mushrooms and berries.

yabluchne Holy Saviour

If it was southern regions of the country, all of these dishes were added and the fruits of the vine.

The belief about the Apple spas

In absolutely any nation not only has its own traditions and superstitions, but also different kinds of beliefs. Now in Russia has long believed that to celebrate the Apple Savior is the very God. So you can not break it. And it concerned, first of all, those parents whose children died.

If they break this time, eating the forbidden Apple, it is considered a great sin. And if you follow the entire post, it is the feast of the Lord will distribute them to children in heaven, Paradise apples in the form of small gifts. So this holiday in Russia is quite often to be found, as a mother who buried her child, carried the consecrated apples to him on the gravestone.

How to prepare for Apple save

But this holiday was established not only Slavic people and the Russian Orthodox Church. Why even have a ban in the Church, that until the holiday to eat apples, as it is considered a great sin. It is possible to find mentions in the special Christian book called the Typicon, that is the Charter.

the tradition of Apple Spasa

In the Orthodox tradition-the Apple feast day is celebrated with great religious holiday, which is called Transfiguration. It is celebrated annually on the same calendar day. 12 August new style, or August 6 if the calendar of the old model.

In the Orthodox Charter also spelled out that to this day it is necessary to abstain from eating grape fruits. So, on this day we can see how religious people go to Church not only with apples but also take the grapes and honey. The process of sanctification takes place after the divine Liturgy. Wishing to consecrate the fruit needs to cook them the night before. Next, you need to know when in the near the temple divine Liturgy ends, because after it will undergo the process of sanctification the fruit. Knowing the approximate time, better come a little in advance so not to miss the moment of consecration.

The process of sanctification begins when the priest goes to the middle of the temple and after a short molebny singing, where the believers ask God to send them his grace reads a special prayer. After reading this prayer the priest sprinkles the cooked fruit with Holy water, and they become sanctified. And from that moment on allowed unhindered acceptance of any apples and grapes.

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