When and how to transplant strawberries?

Strawberry is everyone’s favorite product, and having at least a small plot of land, and I want to use it to the maximum for the cultivation of this berry. But many people wonder when to transplant strawberry best of all, she caught on faster. The correct choice of location and travel time Bush will be the key to its rapid adaptation. Here are a few recommendations that will help to understand this issue.

when to transplant strawberries

When you need to carry out a transplant?

If the strawberries already growing in the garden, it also periodically requires a transplant as the old bushes can start bad to bear fruit or berries are small and not very tasty. Usually this occurs at 3-4 year after planting. When and how to transplant strawberries in this case? To start the procedure follows later in the summer, and replant bushes in the fall. Although some gardeners prefer to do this in the spring. But then there is a risk that while the plant survives, it will bear fruit little or not at all.

The entire transplant process will be conditionally divided into several stages:

  • Preparatory.
  • Planting in the ground.
  • Fertilizer and protection.

Each of them requires special attention, for example, in unprepared soil is not recommended to plant strawberries, do not leave the plant without protection from pests.

planting strawberries

Soil preparation

Good preparation is the key to a great result. Therefore, before planting be sure to prepare everything for future planting strawberries. The soil requires pre-treatment, which will consist of the following:

  • The surface is carefully leveled. The soil needs to be cultivated and dig. This must be done no later than 10 days before the transplant.
  • 1 sq m of planting should be applied as organic fertilizer (superphosphate or potassium sulphate) in an amount of 10 kg. you Can use any suitable means, the main pre-read the instructions.
  • Previously also carried out the prevention against pests. For this purpose, special tools or planted garlic. It is this culture perfectly repels pests and insects threat to strawberries.

When selecting a location be sure to consider crop rotations. For example, the strawberry seedling will feel great about it after the garlic, parsley or legumes. But after the tomato and potato plants can easily wither.

planting strawberries

Before transplanting the strawberries abundantly watered, so it will be easier to dig with a small plot of land and this transfer will bring more benefits. At this preliminary stage ends and can proceed directly to the transplant.

Features transplant plants

Before you transplant the strawberries, you should carefully choose the instances that will «move». For this purpose, do not use old plants, even despite the fact that they can be very attractive to look at, with beautiful leaves or stems, berries from them not to wait. Planted last year, plants are also not suitable for this purpose. Usually it is the bushes that were planted 2-3 years ago and started much less bear fruit.

The hardest part – the digging. Those who do it first will help the following algorithm:

  • To work you need to take two shovels. With their help, you can dig a Bush cautiously, raising it simultaneously from two sides.
  • From one blade to another should be at least 20 cm, in order not to damage the root system and capture the hive «in General» with a small piece of soil.
  • The entire procedure should be done as quickly as possible. The ideal result should be considered, if the leaves and stem do not have time to dry out or go limp.
  • When transplanting the roots are not pruned. We can assume that this process occurs automatically through the use of two shovels.
  • Manure or organic fertilizer is added into the hole before planting and after the process is complete, additional watering is not necessary.

when to plant strawberries

After planting in the ground, the plants are sprayed with plain water and covered with straw. If the weather is dry, then it will be enough twice a day to moisten the soil to strawberries faster stuck.

The timing for transplanting strawberries

Every grower thinks differently, when is the best time to transplant strawberries, so how easy this is done in the spring and autumn, and even in the hot summer. In fact, the timing for transplanting is formed of a plurality of conditions, as the young plant is very long root in a new place. Here are a number of factors that should be taken into account in determining the season for transplanting.

  • The weather should be cool and not Sunny. Ideally, if the outside temperature does not rise above 20 degrees. This is important for the leaves that fall off and burn in the dry season, even if they are abundantly watered.
  • Note should be taken and the duration of daylight. This factor is of importance for the development of plants and berries, the more light gets strawberry, the better.
  • The amount of moisture. If you plan to drip irrigation, and every Bush will get its own serving of water, this item can be remember not to take. In other cases, when only rely on rain and watering from a hose, you should choose to transplant during the rainy season.
  • The presence of shading. Gardeners have learned to dissipate the harmful rays of the sun over the strawberries using conventional polyethylene. Choose to be green or black, which will protect the transplanted plants, in the period when it is most vulnerable.

Many professionals do not recommend to transplant strawberries in the spring. More favorable times is still considered autumn. The reason is simple, in the rainy season and the slush, the liquid in the stalk begins to slow their movement, and the daylight will become shorter and transplanted plants need less attention, the plant is undemanding in care.

when to care for strawberries

The ideal month is September or beginning of October. If the plant is strong and the stems got stronger, even planting them a few weeks before the frost, there is no fear for the plant.

Important point! Never need to dig up the plant for 1-2 days before transplanting, otherwise the root will dry and will not settle down in a new place. Even a few hours can be detrimental to the plant.

Especially strawberries

To fertilize the seedlings strawberries use fertilizers with a high content of potassium. They can be incorporated into the soil at the time of landing or in the process of growth, special value it has and the result is not affected. However, if you add 20 g to the hole, it will contribute to the development of the root system, and will allow the plant to save the right amount of useful elements for future hibernation.

strawberries for the winter

If the strawberries need to be planted in the ground, where before grew not relevant culture, the soil should first be enriched with nitrogen. This will also help reduce weeds. But sometimes you need to acidify the soil or treat it with copper sulfate, this is especially true of land, where you had grown potatoes or beets. Before applying organic fertilizers, it is better to ensure that land was cleared of weeds and other debris, loosened and aligned.

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