When and how to cover roses for the winter

Roses are plants that require constant care and care from the gardener. Do not forget that the flowers should be protected from frost, as not all shoots can survive harsh climatic conditions. Consider the rules of when and how to cover roses for the winter.

When and how to cover roses for the winter

Time to prepare roses for the winter period

Before to read the rules to care for plants and prepare them for the winter, you need to understand which is the best for work at the shelter roses.

In various cities and regions, winter comes in different forms, somewhere earlier, somewhere later, so a single date and even the month prior to the procedure does not exist. The main factor is air temperature. It is considered that when the temperature is lowered to -6 degrees and is held during the week, that is cold already established, it is necessary to insulate the rose garden.

It is better to be late with carrying out insulation works as a mild frost will not damage the shoots, on the contrary strengthened them a bit. While premature warming can lead to the appearance of the shoots early, shoots, the appearance of twigs.

care for rose of winter

Before cover roses for the winter, be aware that the soil should be relatively dry. If earlier for some time observed precipitation is necessary to await the drying of the earth in the next few days, and then proceed to the procedures. Excess moisture of the soil in the greenhouse can cause problems with attenuation of the earth and rotting the root system, as well as to the formation of infectious fungal diseases to which plants are more vulnerable in these conditions.

Preparatory work

When to cover roses for the winter in the suburbs? To start the preparatory work should not just before the frosts, but much earlier. It is desirable to carry out all manipulations in late summer or autumn. Consider the important stages of preparation of the rosary for the winter:

  • Stop fertilizing. Since the end of summer it is necessary to stop feed of rose fertilizer and water generously. Only occasionally, you can feed the plants by fertilizing with the presence of potassium. Such fertilization will help the sprigs of roses and the trunk faster travelnet.
  • Finish loosening the earth. In order not to provoke the emergence and growth of fresh shoots and bushes in General, need to stop to loosen the soil near rose with the onset of the first autumn month. This is especially true of regions where the autumn temperature like summer.
  • Cut. Pruning roses is an essential condition for successful wintering. Cut woody branches is necessary not above the level of the implicit shelter, as hidden should be the whole Bush without exception. The ideal height is considered to be about 50 cm from the ground. In the presence of green leaves and young shoots, they should also be cut because they are not able to withstand frost and will die anyway.
  • It is very important to remove from under the bushes all organic and inorganic debris. Especially the dry leaves, as it was in this environment of reproduction of fungal infections and the argument most raised.
  • Handle each rose. Spraying iron sulfate helps each Bush to resist moisture. Also it boosts and strengthens the immune system of plants.
  • The final stage before insulation is the hilling of roses. After spraying the bushes with Bordeaux liquid or sulphate should loosen the soil around each Bush, breaking up large parcels of the breast and lifting the ground on 20 cm This manipulation requires accuracy, as in the case of negligence can damage the root system. Tillage will help to saturate the pores of the earth’s oxygen, and protect roots from penetrating frosts.

winterizing roses

Varieties of roses a lot, so before you put on the site or in the garden the rose Bush, you need to know what type it belongs to. For example, floribunda and hybrid tea varieties should be cut at the level of the future of insulation for convenience only, and, cutting short climbing, shrub and ground cover varieties of roses can cause considerable damage to the decorative appearance of the Bush, and to slow down the flowering for a year. Regardless of varieties of roses, all the green leaves and shoots must be cut off.

The same varieties of roses, the branches of which do not require shelter, and trim, must bend to the earth’s surface. Bend the branches very carefully and slowly, gradually implementing these procedures on a warm day, preferably in the afternoon since at this time the stems of plants are more pliable and ductile. Prigibanie to the ground is to ensure that in the coming cold weather, the entire hive could be placed under the snow cover, because the cap of snow is the best cover.

Methods of insulation of roses, depending on groups

methods of insulation of roses

Each type of roses requires a special approach. Consider the varieties of insulation for different rose bushes.

  • For hybrid tea varieties, floribunda – insulation dry and airy.

Such a greenhouse is able to maintain the same temperature inside (about -4 degrees) and is breathable (ventilated), which assists the plants to suffocate. The procedure works like this. From wire or rods of metal constructed frame low. The base must be at a distance of 60 cm from the ground. Next install the base in the form of a cone or a roof on top of the bushes. Pulled the heater. As insulation, you can use materials such as cardboard, parchment paper, lutrasil and others. Fasten the material to the rods of the frame and wrap with polyethylene, which will protect roses against the penetration of rain, snow, wind flow and moisture. The polyethylene is necessary to cover with earth.

  • For climbing roses – insulation panel.

The procedure of warming this. First to link pre-cut and treated sprigs and slightly bends the received beam in the direction of growth of branches. On the ground lay spruce branches, which will protect from harmful insects and rodents, and place it on branches and trunks. With the help of curved wire affixed to the ground at different points. Further, the fastening between two shields made of wood, with a length equal to the length of roses, and a height of about 80-85 cm In the form of a triangular roof set sealed shields over the bushes and hammering into the ground cnci, strengthening design. Shields covered with plastic wrap and covered with soil. If the cold is still not stable, the film construction can be raised for ventilation.

  • For standard roses – warming jute bags.

For the procedure you need to wear on the crown of the rose Bush bottomless bag and tie it to the trunk under the crown. Inside stamped spruce forest or filled with dry grass and leaves. Tied the bag and top. The barrel also needs to be wrapped in burlap. The greenhouse is ready.

quickly winterize roses

Following these simple rules for training your beloved rosary for the winter and learn how to properly close the roses can preserve the delicate plant and prepare it for the new spring season that will delight gardeners by the presence of young shoots and flowering.

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