When and how to celebrate the feast of the Intercession of the blessed virgin Mary

It is difficult to find a believer who does not know when the Cover day. It’s a holiday, though not among the canonical religious holidays, for centuries, revered by Christians of the Orthodox and Catholic churches. Day of Intercession falls on October 14.

Holy cover

A bit of history

According to legend, in the IX century the city of Constantinople was captured by the enemies. Enemies have set up camp at the walls of the fortress, intending to break into the city, but this time the locals praying in the temple and asked the Lord God for protection from enemies.

On the outskirts of Constantinople in the small Church in a Golden casket kept the veil of the mother of God, and in this the Church entered the blessed Andrew, who served as the local stately adviser. During the siege Andrew ten hours spent on my knees praying to the Lord. And then a miracle happened, the door of the temple came the blessed virgin. She knelt and began to pray with people, and then took off her head covering and threw it to all the faithful, protecting them.

History testifies that at the time of coverage, people have become inaccessible to the enemy, and it forced the enemies to raise the siege and leave the city.

In memory of the miracle, October 14, Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of the Holy virgin. Founder of the tradition of the celebration was the Prince Andrey Bogolyubsky, who believed that the blessed Andrew was his patron. In honor of the apparition of the virgin to the people of Prince Andrew set is truly a masterpiece of architecture – the Church of the Intercession.

history of the Holy veil

Features holiday Cover

The Orthodox Church classifies the celebration of the Intercession of the most important religious celebrations. The landmark date is never transferred, and mark the Cover every year on October 14.

This day to visit temples and churches and praying about the celestial patroness. Also be sure to put the candle, and at the end of the service, at the entrance to the Church is donated to the poor little thing.

If, for any reason, could not attend the temple, read the prayer of the blessed virgin Mary can at home. You need not memorize texts from the prayer book. The words should come from the heart, sincerely, with peace, rest and good thoughts.

When the Holy virgin is not necessary to start a home business. Forget about the worldly bustle and dedicate this day to reflection, prayer, and Bible reading.

The customs of celebrating the Veils

The feast of Pokrov was able to combine both religious canons and pagan rites.

tradition on the cover

  • For unmarried girls the day of the Holy virgin was very important. Each of them believed that putting is the holiday candle the Heavenly Mediatrix can be expected soon for the wedding.
  • Guy covers his girlfriend with a scarf on the Cover, thus making her an offer of marriage.
  • The intercession – the critical day of the year. Ancestors believed that this day ends the warm season and will get their first snowfall. Ended all the work in the fields and orchards, the cattle are herded into pens, warm home. There was a belief, if to holiday hut was not insulated, then the owners will live in the cold all winter.
  • The feast of the Intercession of the blessed virgin — the day of the loud family feasts. It was decided to bestow not only their relatives, but also poor strangers, orphans and the sick.
  • On the Cover people would burn old shoes and boots. They believed that in this way disappear all of the disease and pain.
  • On a holiday it was impossible to give and take anything in debt.
  • The kids poured buckets of clean water to health was strong and all diseases pass children by.
  • To the warmth of the house did not leave, on the Cover kindled a large fire of branches of Apple trees.

The weather on the eve of the feast of the protection that you can determine what will be the upcoming winter:

    • Which side the wind blows, there comes the first cold.
    • The wind is blowing from the East – winter is very snowy and bitter.
    • If the Cover is warm and dry, the winter is expected to warm and rainy.

Divination at the Holy virgin

Despite the fact that this holiday is a religious one, for centuries it was on the Cover of young girls wondered about his fate, narrowing and imminent marriage. Variants of divination known to many, for example:

  • You need to cut two threads, equal in length, the number hadasseh, and burn. It was believed that the wedding will rather play the girl, which the thread will fizzle out before anyone else.
  • On a large, round dish has entered into a variety of subjects. Girl with closed eyes came to the dish and took anything. In her choice of the judge of her fate and family life. So, for example jewelry testified to a rich groom and a fun wedding, a glass is about the husband of the drunkard, and the onion was a symbol about an unhappy family life and tears.

when the feast of the Holy veil

Cover – wedding

The first snow which usually falls during the feast of the protection. It resembles a white veil of the bride. During this period, the period ends the festivities, and there comes a stage in matchmaking and weddings. According to ancient beliefs, the marriages of the Cover will be the most long and happy. The blessed virgin prayed for a happy future, lit candles and asked my husband and a quick wedding. On national signs, the more snow will fall on the shroud, the more weddings will be played this year. «More fun than the Cover hold, the faster will the groom»: so says the proverb.

What not to do in the feast of the protection

As in any other religious holiday on Christmas day, it is not necessary to do serious, heavy chores: to build, to dig, to knit and to sew. In case if, nevertheless, economic Affairs cannot be left unattended, do so in good faith and with clear thoughts in my head.

It is strictly forbidden to swear, drink alcohol, swear.

The meaning of the ban on holiday not to sit idly by, but to release themselves to God, leaving for later all.

what not to do in cover

Gone are the peasant customs of celebrating the Holy virgin. But to this day, every Christian believes in the protection of the Heavenly intercessor. To celebrate the feast of the protection you need not only a clean house, but with clear thoughts. Made gifts to the orphans and the sick, those people who on ordinary days, devoid of human warmth and joy. In the house bake pancakes and give them out to everyone who knocks at the door. According to popular belief, the cleaner the house and a bountiful table to Cover, the happier will be for the next year. If a holiday falls on a Wednesday, a table needs to be lean. On this day we should visit a Church and light a candle to the most Holy Theotokos on the protection of the family, and the world in their country.

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