What’s a hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or phrase that is preceded by a » # » character. In other words, it is a label to describe the subject of the post in social network or blog. Use the data labels are very convenient because they can find in search of the subject, photos, in General, any information.

What's a hashtag?

Often, the posts are marked with a whole list of words, between which is a hashtag. For example, a post about art will contain such hasteloy number: painting#exhibition#gallery and so on. The label function is a grouping of words, which greatly facilitates the search for the desired object, because the required field is expanding.

These tags are now used in almost all popular networks, and stumble upon a blog whose owner does not put hashtags, it is practically impossible.

Today, the so-called «grid» went far beyond the Internet. It can be seen in outdoor advertising, on TV, in the news and so on. This suggests that the Internet indirectly affects our real life.

The history of

About what social network was first used the hashtag, there is no exact answer. Some argue that «homeland» this label is Twitter, others believe that Facebook, and others, and does believe that someone accidentally has a typo in the blog, and someone has circulated on the Internet. Anyway, with increasing popularity of social networks, has become a popular hashtag.

This label was used in 80-ies to organize your data. Use the hashtag has provided an opportunity to separate one from the other, thereby to structure the information.

Active use of «play» in social networks began in 2007 after designer Chris Messina asked his followers what they think about this sign and its use. Most responded positively, not knowing that thereby they are affected by the spread of a hashtag on the Internet. Thus, Chris Murder, became a father, «grid», which marked the beginning of its dissemination and the Internet.

However, it was in 2007 another event that influenced the popularity of a hashtag – a fire in the forests of San Diego. Burned huge areas of forests, and one of the eyewitnesses named Nate Ritter photographed the fire and posted a photo on Twitter, using the label with the designation of a fire. People found the photos and information that could place Nate it is for his hashtag.

The history of hashtag

The first social network for the first time, namely in 2009, had used a «jail,» was Twitter. Despite the fact that each system on the Internet cares about the uniqueness of their functions and designations, in 2010, hashtags were used on virtually every Internet resource, including Google and Youtube.

In England, the children chose the hashtag symbol 2015.

First, the label was used as an index, later, as a sign and addition to the web ad. People understand that once they stumbled upon the hashtag, the owner of the post had placed the ad. Much later, began to use the label as a sign the Annex to the present mood. The hashtag came to denote sarcasm, humor, evaluation of any event, some songs, and so on.

Today, «grid» widely used to refer to almost all types of information: economic, political, event, social, cultural and other types.

How to use hashtags?

It is possible to allocate such properties of a given label as:

  • Highlighting the main thoughts of recording or post in the network.
  • Structuring of information, separating one topic from another.
  • Find the right information on a given topic.

To add to the record a hashtag, you need to think about what words best fit to describe her. It would be nice to use the phrase. For example, if you placed a photo, which shows Cycling friends, you can use this hashtag: «ride#bikes#friends#». As you can see, the hashtag must not contain whitespace. After writing labels that are indented and the hashtag becomes a link.

use the hashtag

In order to properly put the «bars,» must adhere to the following output:

  • For writing a hashtag can be used not only Cyrillic, but Latin.
  • Other than spaces, the hashtag must not contain any characters, for example»+,-,@,!».
  • To start the hashtag with the » # » symbol, followed by the word. No permits should not be.
  • If the hashtag is multiple words, they should be written together, without spaces. For example: «#Ampezzo».
  • If the words very much or they are too long, and one hostage fused writing makes perception difficult, you need to use underscores. For example: «#gulyaem_s_podruzhkami_v_gorode_vecherom».
  • If a single record is done in a few hashtags, each must be separated from other hashtag pass. For example: «#housingmarket» is one stamp, but the «#walk #in the Park» are two tags.
  • These tags can be placed in any part of the text entry or message.
  • For convenience no need to make the hashtag too long.

Therefore, we can use this tag in two cases. In the first case, in order to find the necessary information, records, photos, audio, video and other materials. In the second case, to other users, in our hashtag, could find the information they need.

Can a hashtag be a spam?

Unfortunately, many «unscrupulous» Internet users in order to attract to their resource as much attention as possible, put hashtags within the meaning of which did not belong to the record. This is called hashtag-spam.

In social networks the hashtag spam can be found everywhere. It can be seen in the news feed, popular and not very popular with the public. But most of all this spam in contextual advertising. From time to time we press on it, as can be interested in the hashtag that is added to the master record of the advertisement or a photo of her. After clicking the link, you can find a complete inconsistency of the contents of the initial hashtag.

The value of the hashtag

Features of the use of hashtags in various social networks

The «grille» on Twitter

Twitter is a social network where users post more number of posts whose primary purpose is to inform the audience about the activities of the user. Youth slang is called «tweets». When a person places an entry in the network, it puts the hashtag, thereby attracting the attention of a large number of people to this record and to the person.

Hash Vkontakte

In this social network hashtag is used mainly to sort the records in public. In some groups Vkontakte, the content is very diverse and to facilitate its perception, uses the hashtag.

the popularity of the hashtag

Sign in Instagram

The use of hashtags on the social network has already become a classic. The hashtag is almost on every photo of the user. The tags are used in Instagram to convey their emotions, feelings and desires, well and at the same time, associate them with pictures.

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