What you can do with your hands?

If a person has a large enough amount of free time, he often tries to find a hobby. You can get to the sports section or go collecting, and can be taught to build something. In this case people are interested in what you can do with your hands?

what you can do with your hands

This question involuntarily want to answer «anything». To some extent this is the case. The possibilities depend only on skills that can be learned), as well as tools that can be purchased). If there is enough desire and persistence, you can really create almost anything.

What can be done by hand from paper

Paper is one of the most simple and available materials. It can easily be purchased in any office supply store, it is malleable, easy to handle and versatile. First and foremost, from paper to make a picture – enough to learn to draw and to paint, pencils, markers, crayons, or any other similar tools.

Not necessarily able to skillfully copy the appearance of people can never aspire to realism, but to draw something in his style. It is easily applied in order to create a comic or manga.


Paper can also be used as a surface for writing. That’s the subject for which you want the minimum number of materials – if you include fantasy and put in enough effort, you can come up with a good story.

Finally, from this material, you can create a variety of shapes. First and foremost, this is a variety of products in the style of origami. In the Internet you can find a lot of diagrams that will tell you how to fold a frog or a Swan, or even explain how to make a paper gun. These products are usually pretty sketchy.

If you want more realism, you can turn to other techniques. Mostly, it’s papier-mache and papercraft. The first implies the creation of bonding objects made of many small pieces of paper soaked in glue, followed by coloring. To work in the technique of papercraft you need to print blanks to the printer, but then it will be possible to create human figures, characters, and models of various objects, as close as possible to reality.


What can you make out of tissue?

Fabric – the material more expensive and difficult to handle, but it can be used to create a variety of things, which, moreover, can benefit.

Many girls in the classroom were taught in school to sew clothes and toys. Why not recall those skills and transfer them to a new level? Instead of stupid aprons and skirts, you can learn by yourself (or take courses) to sew a variety of outfits. Exclusive dresses, luxury women’s coats and jackets – all can be done with his own hands made of cloth.


If we are talking about toys, you can learn how to create angular disproportionate bears, and something full and beautiful though it is, of course, requires skills and costs. In the end these products can even be put up for sale, and stitched their own clothes.

All the fabrics in one way or another, consist of threads or wool. They can also be used to to do something on their own. For example, you can learn at home cross stitch, embroidery or beads, and thus to create a variety of patterns. Knitting, like sewing, will give the opportunity to make yourself (and others) almost any clothing.


Working with wood and metal

Finally, if you have the opportunity and sufficient funds, then with your hands you can create products from wood and metal. For most people, in this case, the answer to the question what can be done with your own hands is a furniture, jewellery and diverse home décor items. Also these skills will help to play other products.

For example, from wood and metal you can make copies of weapons, real or taken from the game and kynoselen. Armor, a kind of figurines and fictional artifacts – all subservient to the one who knows how to handle these materials. This is the most difficult and the most expensive option of the proposed hobby, however he is able and more likely to pay off.


How to combine?

There is a hobby that allows you to create with their hands all at once – and paper elements, and metal weapons, and clothing, and toys made of fabric, but to use it all for one purpose.

This activity is called cosplay. Its essence is that people through the creation of clothing, equipment, make-up and other things, turns himself into a character from movies, cartoons, anime, video games or even books. A few years ago, many perceived it as some kind of entertainment, and some even (especially without understanding the topic) said that such classes for children. Today, however, the majority recognizes the wide spread of cosplay.

This activity is loved and respected, it can generate income and promote the human model or the playing field. Of course, for the recognition it will require a lot of time, effort, patience, talent, and skills, but the result always pays off.


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