What will happen if you call the number 666?

What will happen if you call the number 666 is a question of interest to many, why are you afraid of these three numbers? A lot of interesting won’t be able to resist and not to call, they won’t even be able to stop nor warning nor prejudice, but scientists have their own theory of numbers. So, what happens if you call?

What opinions are there?

What will happen if you call the number 666

There are many opinions about the call to the number 666 and they are all diverse:

  • People will expect trouble, one after another, the whole life will become a continuous black band, where it will chase the bad, constantly stepping on his heels.
  • There is another view that the mirror is located a monster that will live in the reflection when in pursuit of the daredevil who made a call all my life.
  • Of the many versions there are and the most terrible is to say that after the call of many the mind is disturbed, all their actions become inappropriate, it can result in suicide, and many end up in the nuthouse.
  • On the Internet, many will find quite interesting information that some who decided to make a call to 666, tried to call back but there was a strange voice announces portends trouble. But the real evidence supporting this fact.

Why is fear of the number 666?

Why is fear of the number 666?

In the Bible, this number is referred to as the number of the beast, the Antichrist, who will rule the people for the last 3.5 years that remained in human history. In the New Testament it is said that during his reign the war will start against the saints where he will win. Currently this symbol is used in satanic paraphernalia, sometimes a combination of these figures can be found in musical ensembles, performing music of black metal. Most believers think the number of unhappy, try to avoid it. For example, when purchasing an appliance, many will see in the passport for the purchase of the product the combination of these numbers, you can cancel the purchase. Also saw a bus number 666, will not sit in it, they will wait for the next, without fear of self-fulfilling prophecy. But in most cases, it’s just superstition.

Scientific point of view

Naukova point Zora

Not only scientists, but also experts in technology remain indifferent to this theory, for example, scientists propose to consider 666 from organic chemistry and give an interesting fact:

Carbon contains 6 protons, same number of electrons and neutrons, that is, noble chemical element consists of a combination of 666.

Also this number is an encoded connection, which is used at the station ATS, however, no trouble occurs. Most people can not pay attention that the serial number on a passport page or on the equipment to contain the numbers 666.

The response of scientists to the question, what happens if you make a call to the number 666, was simple: it turns out that in many countries there are three-digit phone number and if you dial it, you will have one problem — huge debt on the telephone.

What is the real result of a call to 666?

Naukova point Zora

What happens if you make a call to the number 666: the answer is quite trivial and very logical, nothing. Many people can hear, depending on cellular service, the handset answer is that you dialed the wrong number, or be missing. It happens that after dialing those three numbers on the telephone to hear that this number is not in service. There are some interesting subscribers who still dared to enter the three six, but they all say that the answer was silence and a faint clicking, hissing or just short beeps.

The conclusion is: the perfect call to the number 666 for anything serious will not, rather will become a small entertainment.

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