What to wear with grey skirt any day?

«Grey skirt»…sounds perhaps not very presentable. But if you know how to create a spectacular image on any piece of clothing you can wear so that it will cause admiration and delight. Grey skirt can give a woman, how the grace and audacity as restraint and temptation, as a casual look, and festive. We invite you to talk about what to wear with grey skirt, because if you choose the right to her clothes, your look will not leave anyone indifferent.

what to wear with grey skirt

Why grey skirt?

Grey is one of the most amazing colors in the palette, because it combines two contrasting colors – white and black. Psychologists have proven that color has a positive effect on the nervous system, calming the nerves. No wonder he has to appeal to many people: melancholic and sanguine, misanthropes and philanthropists, aristocrats and commoners, etc.

Grey color may well negate any extravagant way. For example, if I add a touch of grey in the image of man who prefers very bright, acid colors in clothing, it will give him some seriousness. Also, gray perfectly harmonizes the way, and any. If we are talking about creating the image of a confident, independent businesswomen without the gray skirt just won’t do. And it does not matter what style, the main thing – the color.

A particular advantage of such clothing is for those ladies who have a figure of shape «pear», that is, large hips and a tapered torso. Skirt grey «will be removed» the focus from the lush thighs, especially if upstairs you will wear a t-shirt print or a classic blouse.

looks like the grey skirt

The perfect combination of grey skirt with these colors of clothes, like white, black or gray. Remember that the creation of his image is the main way to gain the attention and trust of others.

Well, now we come to figuring out what to wear with grey skirt. Consider the most interesting options.

White top

  • First, attention is paid to the combination of these two colors-white and gray. This combination will be appreciated even by someone who clearly dislikes gray.
  • This combination is important not to overdo it with colored accessories. Grey and white is soft. Thus it is not necessary to make additions in the form of suspensions of red or orange zones. Use only accessories delicate shades, for example white watches or silver earrings.
  • With the exception of accessories black, because this color is included in the «classical ideal» of the image. You will look great, if on a white t-shirt draped over a black scarf or wear a t-shirt over a black shirt. This method is simply gorgeous!
  • A gentle way can be supplemented with the shoes of white or black. If you put up a classic blouse that you can wear as shoes and ballet flats. Of course, the shoes would look much more spectacular, but not every woman can walk in high heels.
  • In this way it is very important to do without the other colors in the palette, especially without bright. Use only gray, white and possibly black, but not red, blue or yellow.
  • Grey skirt will look great with sunglasses of the same color.

White top grey skirt

Color turquoise

  • Turquoise color, as well as white, will look great with a gray skirt. There are several options turquoise top: t-shirt, jacket, t-shirt, jacket, etc.
  • The turquoise jacket is perfect for white or grey shirts.
  • You can also make their way in the highlight and complement the turquoise necklace. To this accessory stood up should wear white clothes.
  • Perfectly with the grey skirt would look blue coat or blue coat.
  • Put on earrings with turquoise pendants, it will add to your feeling of tenderness.
  • If you put up turquoise clothing, shoes should choose grey.

white blouse and grey skirt

Brown accessories

  • Accessories in this color combine perfectly with the white and gray clothing. Wearing a grey skirt and brown accessories, you doom yourself to create a really strange image.
  • So what are the accessories you can combine with a grey skirt? First, it’s a belt. It is desirable that it was wide and made of leather. Secondly, it’s a brown bag. Thirdly, earrings, pendants and bracelets. In short, any brown accessory is perfect for the skirt, and gray.
  • Brown these add-ons will look best on a white top. Therefore, under the grey skirt you can wear a white t-shirt, sweater or Golf, then wear brown pendant or necklace.

Brown accessories

Black sweater

  • As mentioned above, black color is among the three best colors for combination with other. But in this combination deserves this piece of clothing like a black sweater.
  • If your skirt tight leg, form-fitting sweater black or dark color will perfectly emphasize the advantages of your figure. Such clothing will make you sexy and desirable. What can be said about a wide sweater. If the skirt is tight to the body, and the sweater is not – it’s not going to look spectacular, even rather pointless. Avoid these wrong for each other styles.
  • To a fitted grey skirt is perfect black sweater with a deep neckline. You can wear a black necklace and emphasize its refinement.
  • It would be just great if you wear under this combination in clothes black shoes. It is not recommended to wear shoes with white or gray, because with the help of black shoes you are creating in the image of symmetry, and this is very important for visual perception.
  • If your skirt is long to the top, you can wear a leather jacket of black color.

black sweater, grey skirt

Yellow top and yellow accessories

  • Grey goes very well with yellow, you can use when creating the image.
  • For example, wear a bright yellow jacket, grey skirt and yellow shoes.
  • Yellow is one of the few bright palette, which looks good with grey color. The main thing in this way – do not overdo it with accessories. If you wore a bright yellow blouse, shirt or t-shirt under a grey skirt, not worth field of this to hang pendants or extravagant colored belts. When using bright colors when creating the image, the number of accessories should be minimal.
  • OK will look this combination: yellow Jersey, on top of the shirt – gray coat, not buttoned, grey skirt and yellow or black shoes.
  • To add his image a little gentle spring you can, taking the bouquet of yellow tulips.

yellow gray blouse and skirt

Color Bordeaux

  • Up if you wear a bright red cardigan or jacket – it will look very nice if the cardigan is Burgundy it will look great.
  • Wear boots, dress shoes or ballet flats Burgundy color.
  • Use accessories in that color, but don’t «abuse» their number.
  • In gray-Burgundy the image fits perfectly black, and generally, these three colors are perfectly combined among themselves. For example, you can create the following elements: black boots, grey skirt, black shirt, maroon jacket and black belt.

Burgundy grey blouse and skirt

Thus, to create a sophisticated look by wearing a grey skirt, will not be easy, but don’t forget about the sense of taste and do not mix incompatible.


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