What to wear with grey pants? Secrets of fashion

In any wardrobe will be classic gray pants. They have become a good classic, as it combines with many clothes and are suitable for everyday wear to office or for shopping. But if we’re talking about pants the standard of style. Any additional parts or unusual solutions can confound, and their owner, the question arises, what to wear with grey trousers, in addition to white blouses or sweaters. Because every day I want to look different and feel great. Experts in the field of fashion offer many unique options that will always be popular.

What to wear with grey pants?

How many shades of gray?

Women do understand that pants are not just grey, they will take them to some shade from a rich palette. All color can be divided into:

  • Gray-bright colors. This option goes well with white jeans, cream sweater knit. It is appropriate to wear in the office and in everyday environment.
  • Shade of zircon. If the pants are reminiscent of the noble metal, it is better to use them on the festive event. It is appropriate to wear them with a jacket or jackets in darker colors.
  • Silver. As in the previous case, this shade is suitable only for the release of the celebrations. With these pants you can successfully combine the top shade of blue or pearl.
  • Wet asphalt. The most common color among office suits. Due to its versatility, it looks great in everyday wear and equally easy to combine with simple white business shirt or a cute blouse coral shade.
  • The color of the stone. A distinctive feature of the shade is brown blotches, because of this, the color seems warmer than the previous one and successfully combined with any shades of white and cream-coloured up to beige.
  • Stylus. The color has high saturation, these pants are very practical to wear every day. They can be equally easy to go to a movie or hop on the holiday. The height is selected based on the structure of the trousers, for example, it is appropriate to look chiffon blouse.
  • The «mouse». And while many women avoid this colour, it is velvety and versatility, this bottom can easily match up virtually any color.

Shades of gray

It’s certainly not all shades of gray, but the basic which are to use, when you cut trousers classic style. Manufacturers often add a thread of blue, black, red or pink for the enrichment of the palette. Not infrequently, the pants can have a barely visible print in the form of geometric shapes or oblong lines.

That is not combined with gray pants?

The grey color is called universal, it really is very easy to combine with different shades, both dark and light. But there are a number of tips, which is to listen before you mix trousers silvery hue with anything.

  • If the color gray pale much, it is not recommended to wear a bright sweater warm shades (green, yellow, red, etc.). In this case better to stop the choice on light shades of blue, pale pink, or just put on a white shirt.
  • Darker shades of gray look equally good with bright and pale coloured top. However, be careful if the pants present print, in this case, the shirt should be plain and without any additional ornaments.
  • No need to match pants and a sweater, if they are made in grey, even with slightly different palettes. Also ridiculous will look up with silver shimmer made in a different color.

That’s all simple rules that are worth remembering when you choose gray pants to wear for each day. In these simple constraints, combine items from the wardrobe is not so difficult.

What to wear with grey pants men?

Men choose pants of pale with the only goal that always look great and be able to combine them with any shirt or sweater. But the creation of the ensemble they often forget that the process should consider not only color, but texture, selected style things.

Consider a few popular options:

  • Classic. If the pants have a rich color and a standard fit, them perfectly will blend single-breasted jacket of the same tone, a white shirt or pearl shade. On his feet are only appropriate for dress shoes. This method is suitable to executives or to visit special events.
  • Three-piece suit. Usually presented in a light gray bar with prints in the form of cells. A distinctive feature is the presence of hands and narrower in the hips fit. It cannot be combined shirts of dark tones, it is advisable to choose only grey, even pale pink palette. Of appropriate accessories black umbrella and goggles.
  • Modern, tapered fit. Today in Vogue cuffs and a 7/8 length, these pants will be disclosed to appropriate shirt with a white t-shirt without print. Usually harmoniously complement the image of loafers, jacket and belt to match. Such method is possible only if there is no dress code in an informal setting.

What to wear with grey pants men?

Men are easier to match gray pants with things blue, beige, tweed shade. In this case, err will be almost impossible, and the image always looks stylish and relevant.

What to wear with grey pants women?

Stylists often recommend the fair sex to have in your basic wardrobe trousers office style from the shades is often dark blue, black or gray. But different style of pants should be able to wear, look at some popular images.

  • Length 7/8. The model is usually loose in the hips and opens the ankle. These pants used to wear every day or an important gala events. If the grey shade is light and not saturated, we can wear black and white blouse and high heels.
  • The culottes. Such wide trousers hardly anyone knows how to properly combine with the top, as the model itself is often controversial. In this case it is better to choose top chiffon blue or another dark shade.
  • Classic. Standard fit women always looks good in the office or on formal occasions; in other cases they are best avoided. Creating an image, it’s easy to wear any blouse in a lighter shade of flowing fabrics and complement the jacket.

what to wear with a pants girl

That’s not difficult tricks in choosing add-ons for pants with gray fabric. It should be noted that this color will never go out of fashion and will not lose its relevance, thanks to the velvety and practicality in the use of things for each day. To wear grey pants is appropriate everywhere, whether it is office or a walk in the Park.

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