What to wear with grey coat — fashion trends last season

Gray coats – always fashionable and comfortable outerwear option. This thing looks simple, but at the same time delicate and precious. This classic gray coat, you can make the basic Foundation for his fashion experiments. After all, adding a bright accessory or the original shoes can dramatically change your entire look. But it should be remembered, what to wear with grey coat you can not all things. So for imaging should be approached thoroughly.

Gray coat - a classic fall fashion

What goes gray?

The designers agreed on the opinion that the gray color is relevant to any style, because it is divided into many shades. Among them are such trendy colors, as the color of wet asphalt, smoky, slate, coal and silver. Each of them is able to balance and set off even acidic and poisonous colors. So the gray coat is exactly the kind of thing you can safely experiment. But at the same time, there are a few colors that match perfectly with this palette:

  • Pastel shades of pink, purple and blue.
  • White.
  • The classic black.
  • Bright red.
  • Whole range of brown shades.
  • Yellow.
  • Deep blue.
  • Orange.

So keep this in mind when you choose clothes, accessories and shoes under a grey coat.

A variety of styles

A classic model of the gray coat is considered to be a fitted option with a belt at the waist. A similar thing will never go out of fashion and will always look fresh and elegant. But time does not stand still, and now a variety of styles can capture the imagination. Choose this garment to be, depending on their preferences, but do not forget about the latest fashion trends. This season are very popular semifitted models, styles or length of the floor. In addition, at the height of fashion outerwear, decorated with fur or embroidery. Such models are suitable even for an evening out. Girls who prefer sports style should opt for a direct options knee length.

What to wear with grey coat

What to wear with grey coat the tips of stylists

The fitted model, decorated with a voluminous fur collar – it is the option that you should choose a girl who wants to emphasize the aristocracy of the image. Thus it is necessary to give preference to collar the tone darker or lighter of the product. Not less refined in this model looks like the fur is brown, but black or white should be avoided. With this outerwear is a beautiful combination of high-heeled boots or even heels and resistant ankle boots. In addition, in this ensemble need to add classic pencil skirt or fitted dress closed. Stopped my attention on things with brown collar – purse pick up in the tone of the fur.

Sports style

Ardent lovers of this style should fix his attention on the models with leather inserts and relaxed fit. The length of the upper garments can be to the waist or below the hips. This option goes well with jeans and a fitted or leather pants or leggings. Shoes better to give preference to sneakers wedges. No less impressive in this ensemble look ankle boots with a chunky heel. Add complete the image will help stylish leather backpack or large sports bag.

What to wear with grey coat

All time classics

The owners of the classic version should give preference to elegant dresses, dresses. Of shoes should choose black tall boots with heels or ankle boots with high heels. This ensemble is suitable only for classic bag, with no special decorations, matched in tone and material of the Shoe. That is, if you stopped the attention on patent leather boots, and a handbag should be the same. In addition, the belt or strap must be made in the same style and of the same material.

Long model

Incredibly stylish and sexy look can be created by adding to such article of clothing, black dress with thin straps and lace trim. If that’s too «provocatively», then under coat «Maxi» perfect cropped pants or jeans in the style boyfriend, along with the usual turtleneck. In addition, this model matches perfectly leather pencil skirt, and a wide semi-sports pants. You can experiment with the shoes, because this style looks spectacular stilettos and sports shoes.

What to wear with grey coat

Trendy options

The style «Cape» perfectly with skinny pants or classic models with hands. In addition, this option looks impressive with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans. Shoes should give preference botfortas with a flat sole, resistant booties, oxoford, droggam or other shoes in «men’s» style.

Recently gaining popularity the model with a hidden zipper. Such outerwear is perfect classic black dress and clutch bag of the same tone. Ankle boots on a low steady heel to complement the ensemble.

What to wear with grey coat

To coat in the style of «oversize» will match a bright dress with a classic straight style. In addition, such upper clothing look great MIDI skirt. Also a bold look with the overalls of different colors, or in ensemble with slim pants.

Selection of accessories

Scarf, belt, hat – these things will help to add personality to the image. The grey coat choose your accessories from the same color palette. If you want to stand out then pick up the contrasting items that emphasize your originality. The only thing you have to consider headgear should be selected in accordance with the basic style of clothing. For example, the classic model of the perfect elegant hat. For things with a fur collar is to choose the same hat. Style «military» will perfectly complement the woolly hats and sports clothing – leather baseball cap.

Special attention should be paid to the scarf. This accessory in this ensemble should be more voluminous, so you could well wrap myself in it. While the color palette is waiting for you unlimited freedom – the scarf can be solid dark green, emerald green, black or bright red. Particularly impressive look checkered options: black-red, grey-white and maroon-green.

What to wear with grey coat man?

A similar piece of outerwear menswear looks much less official than the black model. But at the same time they complement suits in tandem with classic shoes. So if you want to choose clothes for a business style, then give preference to grey extended version.

What to wear with grey coat

For less formal occasions grey coat can be combined with blue or black jeans, in tandem with an elegant sweater or a classic white shirt. This option also does not violate the office dress code, but at the same time less «serious». For lovers of bright youth style suit worn and even ripped jeans and colored pants which has not lost its popularity in recent times.


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