What to see in Sochi?

Sochi – the most popular resort city in Russia. Every year lot of people tend to go to relax at the seaside. Come interested in what to see in Sochi? Their choice given the wide variety of attractions. After all, besides the beaches, Sochi is mountainous terrain and it is a big city with multiple establishments.

what to see in Sochi

What to see in Sochi, fans of the mountains?

Moscow has the famous Red square and Sochi is no less famous Krasnaya Polyana. Although this village is in the mountains, it pleases the visitors not only for its relief. Among the attractions here there is a Greek Church, a Hunting Lodge of the twentieth century, museums and statues. However, the main reason guests come to Krasnaya Polyana, it is an opportunity to enjoy various winter sports.

In 2014 there was the Winter Olympics. In the village there are trails for Alpine skiing, biathlon, snowboarding, bobsleigh, ski jumping and even freestyle.

Chervona Polyana

Six kilometers from there is a sports-tourist complex called Gornaya Karusel. There are also ski instructors, there are restaurants, Parking and other places to stay.

Gornaya Karusel

Mountain range, the upper part of which is called Big Akhun, famous for numerous waterfalls, lakes and gorges. The largest waterfall reaches a height of 21 meters.


City sightseeing

It is difficult, arrived in Sochi, not to visit the famous arboretum. There are many gazebos and pavilions, aviaries with exotic birds, ponds with ducks and cable cars. The arboretum resembles a Park with some Palace and the cable car gives you the opportunity to see him and part of the city from a great height.

Near the Marine station is located in the Park Riviera, is not inferior to the popularity of the Arboretum. In the summer you can ride a variety of rides are also located in the zoo, pinguinii, a place where you can watch butterflies and Dolphinarium.

For walks and relax in the Promenade, which is also located near the Sea vocalization. After the Olympics she became more and more beautiful, there is a water Park and Central beaches. I wonder what it was that removed all the famous scene from the iconic painting «the diamond arm».

Park Riviera

In the area of Sochi?

A lot of things to not only the city itself but also its surroundings. For example, in Krasnaya Polyana is an Ostrich farm. There are all kinds of this bird, as well as a small live pig and a pony available for rides. There are guided tours and have the opportunity to purchase an ostrich egg.

strautina farm

Of course, it is unlikely that after 2014 it is possible to visit Sochi without seeing different Olympic venues. The Olympic Park is on the coast nizhneimeretinskoy Bay. Here is located the main sports arena, a place where there is opening and closing. Now here is a lot of bike lanes, it is possible to rent a Golf car. In the evening near the fountain runs the show with light and music, which lasts about an hour. Near this place there are rides. While many facilities are closed, are present and function inside which can get. At some stadiums of the training is carried out on football.

What to see in Sochi? This question can be answered infinitely, because of the attractions there is really a lot. To all the above you can also add

  • Sochi-Park
  • Skypark,
  • Aquapark Amfibius,
  • Dolphinarium «Akvatoriya»,
  • Stalin’s Dacha,
  • Svirskoe gorge and many other interesting places.
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