What to read in order not to break away

If you at least once thought about this question, it means that it is time to review the list of references and to find new books. In modern life, many people forget that reading can change your life.

Therefore, it is necessary not to forget about reading and to make time for this wonderful pastime. Reading has the following advantages:

  • improves memory;
  • increases read speed;
  • develops fantasy and imagination;
  • makes people diligent.

However, an important question is the choice of books. So what does it choose to read it I wonder?

What to read in order not to break away


If you like intricate plots and complex the solution, then, of course, choose the detectives. In them lies the mystery, which the reader remains interested until the very end. Now the popular book, the denouement totally unexpected. The reader until the last page is not unaware of what will be the end of detective. These include the book «the girl with the dragon tattoo», which is very popular since 2005. Also note the «Green mile»which was even made into a legendary film.


Women are simply people with fine mental organization can proudly claim that reading a novel triggers positive emotions. Indeed, while reading the novels people hold their breath, because they are going through the difficulties of fate along with the characters of the book. Choosing these books, you are giving yourself the emotions that you can’t always get in real life. The most popular novels that are worth reading:

  • Gone with the wind;
  • «Hello, sadness!»;
  • «The French Lieutenant’s woman» and so on.

The book «16+»

Now a very popular book for adults» that interest and excite readers. For example, «50 shades of grey» became mega popular thanks to the hot scenes, which are described in detail in the book. All parts of this work were sold in different countries. Now in shops a wide choice of such books that awaken the desire. Many people admit that these works have helped improve their sex lives, what’s important. Please note books from this category «the Color of pain: white», «Captivated by passion», «Intimate diary» and so on.

reading books

Books By Stephen King

Most people agree that the book the king is one of the most fascinating and magical. People admit that Steven writes not only about the monsters around us, but also the monsters within us. Because in every man is something indescribable and unknown. Similar horror stories can captivate even the most experienced reader so much that he will not notice how time flew reading.

Autobiographical book

Very interested to see how they lived many famous and powerful people. In his autobiographical books tells about how people had to cope with difficulties, achieve success, suffered defeat and many more. By using these books you can still get to know people better and learn how to motivate yourself for further success. Study biographies of people that interest you, and you will not notice how time flies. These include «Confession», «Tonio kröger», «Memoirs of Casanova», «Great expectations» and so on.

Books about Harry Potter

The number of Harry Potter fans is growing every year. People of different ages, nationalities and professions follow the adventures of Harry Potter, and with him undergoing various tests. A young magician amazes the readers with its audacity. After reading the first part of Harry Potter, you definitely want to be acquainted with other books.

reading Harry Potter

Reading — an activity that is good for all!

Expand your horizons, finding new and exciting books, and you just can not tear myself away from reading. Fortunately, it is now possible to read real books or electronic, which is very convenient. Audiobooks are a great solution for those who have no time to read. It is enough to put headphones and turn on the listening books. Interested in reading, and your horizons will expand!

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