What to give girlfriend for birthday?

Some people like to speak directly to family and friends about what they would like to receive on your birthday. But there are only a small part. Many who want to get a gift that will be for them an unexpected surprise. The most difficult is the choice of gift. Especially if you choose it for my friend. Talk about what to give girlfriend for birthday to get straight to the point.

The traditional gift

Give a Cup. It can be personalised, with some humorous picture or custom made with a photo of the birthday girl. This is a very simple but great gift. Your girlfriend each day will be thinking of you, drinking a Cup of coffee or tea.

What to give girlfriend for birthday

You can give the box. If it will have an original look, the like friend. In it she can store her jewelry and other little things. It is a convenient, original, beautiful and stylish gift.

Box embellishment

A good gift would be jewelry. Any girl will appreciate trendy and original jewelry. Choose the gift based on her preferences. The gift of a necklace, ring or earrings she can wear for any party or event.


Status gift can be watches. If you raise them, you give a friend not just a status thing, but also original and stylish decoration.


Many girls love this fashion accessory as a clutch. If you are sure that she is in it, then give it.


Some girls gather and collect various statues and figurines. If you know that a friend is interested in this, this gift option will probably be best.

Useful gift

If your girlfriend have a license and own a car, you can give the original set, which will help in case of any accident. It’s called «Avtoledi».

Now on sale you can find a huge variety of umbrellas of different shapes. Umbrella in the form of a banana, heart, or Tulip will be a very original gift that will be appreciated not only your friend but also the surrounding people.

Umbrella unusual shape

A practical gift would be a flash card. Like umbrellas, flash drives today can have a variety of fun body. They are made in the form of credit cards, ballpoint pens, lipstick, etc.

USB flash drive

Once again, if the friend of the motorist, you can give this gift as a car heel. Its purpose is not to spoil your shoes, driving a car, that is, when pressing the pedals of a car.


As you know, photos and videos tell the story which often capture the most joyful and important moments of our lives. You can find a variety of photos and videos with your girlfriend. What one can create with their hands the most pleasant gift for her. Buy a photo album and original will make. Paste pictures of your girlfriend, her friends and relatives, or any other that it would be nice to see.

Photo album

Instead of an album, you can create a photo collage. If you have a good imagination, and you’ve done something similar, the gift will not only pleasant but also fun. You can make a collage that will reflect the entire history of your girlfriend. For example, you can arrange the photos? since the moment a friend was in the hospital and until your own children.


If you have the skills of video editing. And if you have a video with your girlfriend, then you can make fun video by adding music or other effects.

A simple gift from this category is photo frame. It can also upload photos that reflect pleasant moments of life your girlfriend. Can nothing download let girlfriend she will define, what points in her life was the best.

A memorable gift

Now there are many studios where you can make pillows of different shapes, with any drawing pictures. Of course, the picture is supposed to be the birthday girl. This gift will be not only relevant, but memorable.

Pillow W photo

Arrange on the occasion of the solemn awarding your girlfriend. To do this, purchase in the gift shop of the order or medal with the inscription «The best,» «most beautiful,» «faithful friendship» or some other.

Post an ad in the newspaper congratulating your friend. If the money to spare, then all you can print about her article on a separate page. This gift will be a really unexpected surprise.

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